Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brocon game 3

Finally, I'm near the end of the Brocon reports. I'm wondering what to fill the void with so I might start putting up the odd bit of tactics or some right-wing political ramblings - whichever comes to me first.

After my 2 draws banished me to mid-table obscurity I felt that I could relax when it came to my final opponent as he too wouldn't be in the running to win the tournament. Phil (I wonder if he'll kill me if I call him Pip, oh, too late...) with his Guard awaited me in Kill Points/Dawn of War.

His list looked something like:

Straken with 2 bodyguards, Medic, Meltas

Vet squad with 3 Meltas
Vet squad with 3 Plasma
Vet squad with 3 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer
2 Penal Legions (outflanking)

2 Vendettas

Leman Russ Executioner
Leman Russ Demolisher

I was asking Phil about his list and he said that it was mostly things he liked that happened to work for him like the Penal Legions (I think I heard the word 'crackwhores' at some stage). The mission/deployment was a combo I was dreading, especially against Guard. I had asked some buddies for advice before the tournament about how to handle it and the consensus was to rush him if I was going first and to reserve everything if I was going second. I lost the roll-off and Phil deployed and started moving straight away.

I ended up on the same battlefield as my previous game and strangely enough played next to my first two opponents. He didn't have enough fast stuff to turbo across the board and stop me from moving on from my table edge ala White Scars/Tau at the ETC so there was nothing deployed on my side.

Phil's not lost a model for two turns and is very happy at having such unexpected success. At the end of his turn 2 his movement from my left to right had been:
Manticore behind rubble, Executioner, Straken's Chimera, Demolisher, Vendetta on my far-right and a Flamer Vet squad that had some huge balls pushing forward on my right.

My turn 2 saw Long Fangs, GH in Rhino, Empty Lasback and the Wolfblob emerge on my right to try to collect 2 easy killpoints. Due to the lack of shooting support the Hammer Lord (hitting on 6's) managed to only Shake and Immobilise the Chimera.

His turn 3 saw a Vendetta and both Penal Legion  (heh, penis) units arrive, one from my right and another from the left-hand side. The left-hand one was pretty useless as I had no one near them and no intention of deploying near there either. The other one might have caused problems - I thought he would pummel the Rhino with fire and then throw the Legionnaires at the survivors and tie them up with Stubborn and Rending attacks (he rolled that) but he went to tie up the Wolf blob after his Flamer vets hopped out of their transport and roasted the Wolves killing 10 or 11 of them.

 The grey guys are Vets, the Beastmen are Penal Legion and they've combined to gangbang my poor pet wolves. They'll have some ugly children.

He combi-charged the Blob, the Rhino and the Razorback - all but one died as the Lords did a number on them but he passed his Leadership test. I didn't know they're stubborn. I was hoping that I'd kill them all off so that I'd have a free run at his vehicles that were starting to get close to me but I was trapped in combat realistically til he could shoot at me. Oh well. I did manage to wreck the Chimera with a Wolf Lord as it hadn't moved and so was still trapped in combat (as such).

Some reinforcements arrived in my turn 3: The Rune Priest and Hunters in their Rhino, the other Long Fangs and the GH Lasback. Again, they all stuffed into that little 12" square area that I was playing keep-away in. I was worried about the Manticore dumping shit all over me but if it scattered off it was useless and the Rune Priest moved on to try to silence it anyway. Long story short, he failed miserably leaving my Rhino very exposed.

The Long Fangs did manage to Immobilise and Destroy a weapon on one Valk but my shooting did little else. The Legionnaire predictably died as did the Flamer-toting Guardsmen who were charged by my Grey Hunters that were staying safe inside their Rhino. All but 2 were killed and the others fled but were going to be chased off by the Wolf Lords.

His turn 4 he moved and shot some stuff but nothing much happend (the highlight of which was passing every cover save from his Executioner with my Fangs and Rhino) while in my turn I managed to get the Hammer Lord into contact with his Demolisher which was promptly torn apart. Again, the Vendetta was hammered for no result while the Claw Lord assaulted the last 2 survivors of the fleeing Guard squad as Straken was poised to rally them. Well, the real reason was that I'd moved in such a way that I was unable to charge the Vendetta with him because the 2 shits were in the way so they had to go.

His turn 5 saw him rush Straken and co. at my Hammer Lord to try to get lots of last turn points while he shot some stuff at my stuff but nothing really happened - he might have Immobilised and/or Weapon destroyed a Rhino. Basically, nothing died and his stuff was out of retaliatory range for much of my army so a good 3 or 4 of his units were sitting pretty. He did get a Vet squad out of his Vendetta on my right and drop the Claw Lord down to 1 wound. Straken piled in and didn't kill the Wolf Lord so I felt reasonably happy he'd survive as Furious Charge had been used up now.

My turn 5 sees another Hunter squad in Rhino arrive and they move up to the right of the Long Fangs in terrain and hop out hoping to Melta Straken's now-empty Chimera. The Claw Lord moves to attack the squad that shot him and everybody else opens fire. And they combine to do...sweet FA. Just more Weapon Destroyed and Immobilised and Shaken results. Nothing concrete that will give me precious KP.

Mistake # 1 - I seem to make plenty of these. The Claw Lord on one wound rushing the full squad of Guard that were within 12" that had shot him should have been ignored in favour of getting rid of Straken's bodyguard so that the Hammer Lord could finish him off.

So it was that the ever-confident Claw Lord rushed the Guardsmen, killing 6 and getting kicked to death for his troubles. The surprised survivors huddle beside their still-functioning plane.

The Hammer Lord killed off Straken's buddies and brought the man himself to 1 wound but just couldn't kill him off. Phil was using an old Bounty Hunter model from Necromunda to represent him although he wasn't sure if the belly-top and 6 pack said 'Hard as Nails' or 'Camp as a row of tents'.

This is what the game looked like at the end. We counted Kill Points and it ws 4-2 in my favour so I got the win. He had bagged the Wolfblob and Claw Lord while I had a Vet Squad, a Penal Legion squad, a Chimera and a Demolisher.

I would say it was strange but I think that's what 2nd turn reserving against Guard in Dawn of War will do to them as they lose at least 2 turns of shooting and you can choose to pile in on one flank to render much (not all) of their their shooting ineffective for another turn as it moves to get into range. Well, that's how the theory goes.

Having managed to get another 16 points I finished 7th out of a field of 36 so I'm pleased with how I performed overall. Some minor slip-ups cost me wins but I put that down to rustiness - I hadn't played tournament 40k since 4th ed (possibly even before its introduction) so a few more practice games and list-testing and I'll hopefully be ruthless in putting people away before too long.

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