Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I hate computers.

This was the scene in my flat earlier when Photoshop wouldn't do as I demanded. Ok, it wasn't quite the same but I did manage to break the computer and lose loads of files and programs (Office, Photoshop, old College work, CVs and a pile of games, music and porn) but most of all I lost the photos and future articles that I had saved up for this here blog.

I had over 100 photos to add up from my games at a 5-game 2 day tournament in Limerick (including some lovely conversions of Stormravens) so I have to consider them lost. To make things more frustrating I'm now relying on the missus' netbook and most of my peripherals require a cd to upload a program first (printer, scanner, phone, mp3 player) and now I've got to go about getting a fecking external CD drive.

So, for now I'm going to just post up the last 2 games at Gaelcon and then delve straight into why I'm changing the list. Again. And there are valid reasons for it and its not just to piss Dan and Pinball Wizard off as I've found that there are limits on what I can take before things become ineffective and that there are alternative builds to units that I need to multi-task.

I'll do a quick job with the last 2 games at Gaelcon, cry a river over the loss of Conclave II's stuff and then show how my army has evolved over time.


  1. The saddest thing about this article is the loss of the porn. I cannot convey my immense sympathy my friend. There, there.

  2. External hard drive, yo. Take it with you wherever you go. (not intentionally rhyming)

    Shame about all the hassle. Is something like GetDataBack an option?

  3. Thanks for the sympathy lads, its much appreciated.

    @Zhelit: I'm not sure if it is. I'll have to look into it, although I think the clicking sound the motherboard is making isn't a good sign. But that's what inanimate objects get for pissing me off.

  4. Yikes. I have started to love the cloud for some stuff (I email damn near everything to myself so I can work on it wherever I am) but killing Office would KILL me (I'm made of words, yo).

    Sorry to hear it, and hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. Hard luck bud, been there done that myself. Look on the bright side, you still got your hair. O_o nevermind.

    Anyways, I'm back this weekend, gimme a bell if you're about.

  6. I still have hair as its too cold to go 8-ball. If ur about tonight I'll see you up there.

    @Loq: It won't get fixed. I've got to start saving for a new one and I've to write off the pics I had saved up. I can add new Batreps to make up for it.

  7. It's pretty hard to lose that much data.. usually if Windows dies, your junk is still on the hard drive and any tech shop / tech friend should be able to toss that drive in their computer through Windows, Linux or simple recovery software and get your data back.

  8. Recovery software eh? I'll have to look into that. It would actually be preferable as there's little point in paying to fix the computer for €150 (approx) as I can get a new tower for €450 and it'll be more than 3 times as good as the old one.

    I've also got a weather eye out for the 40k MMO.

  9. Hi,

    I am a computer technician with 25+ years of hands-on experience. I am able to save people a huge amount of frustration with their computer problems except people don't believe what I say.

    Computers and printers, etc., are designed to fail. Usually right after the warranty expires. Sometimes they fail one day after the warranty sometimes 1-3 months after. The point is we are being lied to by the computer industry.

    I see it clearly because of my experience. Other technicians say I am wrong. They don't know what I know. Google the "floppy controller defect" that is a defect that Toshiba (and the rest of the computer industry concealed...lied about)was sued for knowingly concealing. It is consumer fraud. I can stop this planned obsolescence.

    Unfortunately, people just keep buying a new computer because for just a little more than the cost to fix their computer they can buy a new one. WAKE UP PEOPLE...you have to buy new software too. Also when you keep buying new, you are rewarding the people who designed it to break in the first place.



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