Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thunder Wolf Cavalry

Seeing as I despise the Steroid-Gerbil/Steroid-rat/Hairy-Cow/Muscle-Cat that GW produced for Canis Wolfborn's mount I decided to build my own TWC. I'm not fond of the idea of gigantic genetic armoured super-soldiers riding even more gigantic genetic armoured-super-wolves either. I like the idea of a Wolf hunting pack so I went with that. The Marines are simply running with a pack of Iron Priest created cyborg canine monstrosities, directing where they go so they can beat face. You might ask why the Wolves look dessicated - well, I imagine that's what they'd look like after a bomb has hit them and come walking through the flames Hollywood style.

Onto the pics:
Just so none of my opponents would complain about the models being smaller they're roughly the same height as a Dread and higher than a Rhino. If you can't draw LOS to that there's no hope for you.

Ok, this thing has been pixellated to shit by my lack of Photoshop-fu but you get the idea. That shield comes from the Dark Angels shield sprue and the Blackmane symbol from the Drop Pod set.

This is a bit better - the yellow on the shield isn't all over the place.

There's Mr. Hammer Lord. The Hammer is from the Marine Terminator Sprue and the shield is from the Marine Command Sprue with the seals and shit shaved off. The Blackmane symbol is from the Drop Pod with the backing carved away with a knife.

Here's anothe pic:

Just to show that these are magnetised, something I'd highly recommend. One of the lads gave me a bunch of these and all the VC Dire Wolves are now magnetised and waiting for Green Stuff to give them hair and bulk them up.
The pair of them together. They go together with a big unit of Fenris Wolves that gets shot to shit before splitting off to cause damage for as long as they can. They're like a WWE tag team. Maybe the Legion of Doom. Actually, maybe something less camp.
As you can see from these I like my extreme highlighting i.e. drybrushing. It's very fast to do on Marines with all the sharp lines making it much easier. I use ink on pretty much everything else though. The bases need a bit of sprucing up, probably with static grass and a coat of black around the edges but they meet the 3-colour and  based for now so I'll finish other stuff before I get back to them.

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