Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't drink the BOLS Vodka

There's usually a person or people you turn to for advice on serious matters and they're reliable enough to keep you coming back. There's people like Danny Dyer that can't be taken seriously. Finally, there's some people you really shouldn't ask.

For army building advice I've found a few places that dispense solid advice - YTTH and 3++ are amongst the best. I'm sure there are brilliant painting and modelling sites but I'll stick to what I know. There is one place though, that continues to astound me with the poor quality of articles on general gaming matters: BOLS. There's a few people there that I'll read but on whole I tend to avoid the place. It must be the case that some of the lads are getting tanked up before they post stuff up or they're saying something controversial just to generate site traffic ala Stelek. The irony...

Anywho, I'm putting up some lists to see what I can come up with for tournaments before I pop them up on other blogs for advice from guys I know aren't drinking the Bols vodka.


I'm looking at changing around my list for Gaelcon and I want to try out a few things that might give the army more reach by not having to trundle all the way across the battlefield getting shot as they go. I've noticed that once the Rhinos get popped the small GH squads that fall out tend to take enough damage to lose a weapon or two and lose a bit of bite which is something they can ill afford with their small unit sizes. If another warm body was added then I could make it far less likely that the really useful guys would be the ones to take the pain if their transport is popped or they get hit with lots of attacks/shots.

So I'm thinking of packing in the big Wolf blob in order to get more units that can get in the enemy's faces faster or simply have more of them crossing the field to force my opponent to divert his fire.

For one game against Dave's Space Wolves (Batrep coming) I decided to turn a Wolf Lord into a WGBL and buy some Scouts to give them a try. The WGBL didn't impress as he was pucked senseless by a Lone Wolf while the Scouts worked well bagging a Lasback and dropping a Fangs squad down to a single model before dying. I lost the game badly but learned a few things which I'll obviously post up.

One list I'm thinking of is:
Wolf Lord on TWC with Wolf Tooth Necklace, Talisman, Hammer, Storm Shield, Rune Armour, Saga of the Bear and 2 Pets
Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Jaws

5 Wolf Guard: 3 with Fist and Combi-Melta, 2 with Combi-Melta and Meltabombs
2 x 5 Scouts with Meltaguns

2 x 5 Grey Hunters with Melta, Wolf Standard, Power Weapon, Mark in Rhinos
5 Grey Hunters with Melta, Wolf Standard, Mark in Rhino
5 Grey Hunters with Flamer
2 x Lasbacks

6 Fenris Wolves

2 x 5 Long Fangs with 4 Rockets

I've got just over 40 points to spend so I reckon that I'll add a single Grey Hunter to each of the Rhino squads instead of adding toys. I was going to add a 4th squad in a Rhino but I'd only have 4 AV 11 tanks and a solitary Wolf Lord traversing the battlefield and that's not that hard to stop whereas the list now has something to put the fear in defensive shooty armies i.e. Guard that I can put pressure on without having any models on the board.

The whole will they/won't they isn't predictable like Ross and Rachael in their very over-rated show because you don't know what they'll do and when they'll do it. In case you're wondering I'm trying to put a positive spin on the Wolf Scouts randomness...

The main thing is I have the models to get this list going already and I just have to paint them up instead of going out and buying more stuff.


  1. Tbh m8 , iamaddj's posts are plain terrible .

    its bassiclaly a giant whinefest with no reall goal or point.

    I really dont know why BOLS allows crap like this to be posted , I mean didnt anybody proof read it over there b4 it was posted and go ''WOAH hold on a sec wtf!!' , that was certainly the reaction from most people after reading it..

    BOLS is the fortress of the fluff bunnies and wannabe hardcore noobs.

  2. also I dig the list isnt it like Tonys list from the nova open?

  3. I feel like BoLS really went into a tailspin once GW started their "What's New Today" blog. I figured GW started this so they'd stop getting scooped by other sites regarding their new releases and what-nots. Since then it seems like BoLS has just been crapping out junk filler via immaddj* since they don't have any "real news" to "report". Or I could be talking out of my ass

    *Is "immaddj" some bad abbreviation for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Worst s/n ever.

  4. oh yeah, I wanna hear how the space-puppy scouts work out for you (I was considering a similar list before my small checking account talked me out of it)

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  6. @Dave: Wolf Scouts were a very popular unit at Nova for some reason. It's probably due to the emphasis on objective missions and the fact they can cross the field without losing a single model and disrupt the enemy backfield as well as making a move for objectives.

    @Alex: That's probably the reason alright. They've got little else to fill with quality material so this filler is accepted. Its controversy does generate traffic though. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

    I'll be posting up batreps as I go with the list so you'll see how I use them. Feel free to criticise and make points about how you'd do things differently.

    The checking A/C: Lol. The joys of being self-employed. I've heard those stories plenty of times already so you're not alone. At least your's hasn't been closed. ;)

  7. the whole will they/won't they thing should be grand. Take it by mission. In Kill Points if you get the wrong roll then you hide like girls and carry on shooting the other side of the board away. In seize ground you can engineer to place objectives you think he might go for on the light so that if the wolf scouts show up there thanks to fuck up they have something to do at least. On capture and control people religiously put their base in the corner without stopping and thinking. This would play well into your hands as you now have a 1 in 6 chance of coming on the wrong place and 1 in 36 of the wolf scouts being taken out and shot for failing abysmally.

    Is the wolf blob going with the now single lord? I'd nearly dump it. the way I see it if something wants to kill him now then they'll just go for it, wolves or no wolves. His two pets should in theory be enough for him to get across the board with a wound or two to spare since insta-kill is out the window.

    Of course I've never seen this army roll so take my words with a bucket of salt. but dropping the blob plus 40 points gets you like 6 hunters? fill up the rhinos to 8 and suddenly people are afraid. The long Fangs have to die because they're opening my tins, the wolf lord has to die because when my tins are open he'll eat me and the now fairly full GH rhinos are running at me with smoke flying out their arses claiming objectives, popping tins AND eating my boys. and now you're telling some fuckers had the bright idea of coming up my arse? That's not on biy.

    The way I see it (and I'm always right) the Rhino squads are somewhat ignorable for a few turns to most armies. Beef up and kick ass.

  8. I wouldn't hide them in KPs - they're still a double Melta unit. Infiltrate them in the way if going first, or in Cover if second. Take Transports out quickly enough and the Cav and Fangs will easily avenge their death for an aggregate advantage.

  9. I've being tempted to keep in a single squad of Scouts as it is something can get across the field quickly and buy time for the Lord and transports.

    I've gone away from the Deathstar and toward having lots of threats spread out amongst the army. The Scouts can dick with enemy deployment and movement before they show up but there needs to be something to tie the enemy up before they get there.

    I was looking at a unit of Speeders but that's another element of silly randomness that isn't needed. I'm thinking of a Pod squad so they arrive turn 1 and push units to where I want them.

    If I don't want to sacrifice a unit (I'm thinking going first in Dawn of War) then I can throw them into a transport and drive like a lunatic. :)

  10. Well you'll need friends first of all. otherwise you'll just be playing with yourself as usual.

    Get all the practice you can in, we need to show those Dubs we mean business. And I sure as hell ain't doing it.


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