Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wolf Scout Shenanigans

I wonder if my disguise will work?
I've been messing around with Wolf Scouts a fair bit lately, mainly to try out an old favourite. I used to like these guys despite their randomness although this has worked against them in the new Wolf book as there are more reliable units available.

Having seen how popular they were at the Nova Open I was willing to give them a run-out to see how they would perform. I played 2 games using them, this one being the 2nd against Ivan's Guard in Spearhead/Annihilation.

He was using:

Company Command Squad with 4 Plasma in Chimera

Choir Boys in Chimera

4 Vet Squads in Chimeras with 3 x Melta, 1 x Flamers

3 x Vendettas

Hydra Squad
2 Manticores

My list was:
Wolf Lord on TWC with Bear Saga, 2 Pets and Trimmings

Rune Priest with Jaws, LL

4 x Combi-Melta/Fist WG, 1 with Combi-Melta, Power Weapon and Meltabombs
2 x 5 Scouts with Meltagun

3 x Grey Hunter squads in Rhinos
1 Grey Hunter squad in Lasback

2 x 5 Long Fangs with Rockets

8 Fenris Wolves

Well, I'll keep this one short and sweet. Here's the side shot of deployment. You'll notice that there's assloads of terrain on the board. In fact, there's too much and I'll be sure not to use that much again. I don't think its a good idea to force one player to move through difficult terrain every turn...

Here's my deployment:
From L to R:
Wolfblob, GH and RP in Rhino, Empty Lasback in front of GH Lasback, GH in Rhino beside them in the centre, both Long Fangs in Ruins.

The Guard deployment from L to R was:
Vendetta, Vendetta, Manticore, Hydra at the back, Manticore beside it, Chimeras at the front with Choir Boys and CCS in the middle.

My biggest mistake was to take the first turn and deploy normally. I should have reserved everything and packed down one flank before swinging wide to grab objectives. The Long Fangs needed to be pushed forward to be in range of stuff everything and should have squashed into the Ruins on the bottom left of the pic and the squad should have been in the ruins in the centre of the pic. As it was the Vendettas just pulled away out of range and the rest of the Guard long-ranged stuff opened up safely away from retribution.

I made a very bad mistake in my first turn and stayed still to get more shots at the Guard army instead of closing to get the Grey Hunters stuck in and sent the Lord forward on his own. I shot both Fangs squads, both Lasbacks and the Rune Priests Living Lightning at various targets: the Choir Boy's Chimera was Immobilised. That was it.

The Guard shooting phase was more destructive - they bagged a Lascannon on a Razorback, destroyed the other Razor forcing the squad hiding inside to disembark and the Choir Boys forced the Wolf Lord and co to fall back but thankfully they didn't run right off the board.

My turn 2 saw the Lord rally and push forward and rush toward the nearest Chimera, but he couldn't reach and the Wolves were left to scratch and paw at the tank, stunning it. The army opened up again at a Vendetta that had pulled to my far left and did...nothing. Not even a fecking glancing hit.

The Guard's 2nd turn saw them kill off the rest of my Rhinos and leave me with no mobility. I would have to tough it out for the next 3 turns and hope that I could grab or contest objectives. That's not likely against an army as shooty as the Guard. To drive the point home the Wolf Lord and pets were wiped out by the combined fire of the Guard units on my left.

In my 3rd turn the Rhino squad arrived on my left and popped smoke while moving 6" so the Meltas inside could shoot out. The Scouts also arrived: one ended up uselessly on my right, miles away from anything and the other ended up in the Guard backfield with nowhere to go as Ivan had lined a pair of Guard squads along my left table edge and cock-blocked them with a Vendetta so that I couldn't get through. I wanted to go after the Hydras but had to settle for a Manticore which duly died.

The Grey Hunter's Meltas opened fire and hit once and did nothing. I stopped rolling dice after that as it just wasn't my day.

I went to make a sandwich and I found this in the fridge:
I think it looks like an STD-riddled vagina.

I think it succinctly summed up my day.

I was going to do a write up about the Scouts but I think it'll be best to add the other batrep and then give an appraisal and see whether I'll bother to include them in my future lists.


  1. I'd say stick with the scouts for another while yet. The mistakes you made here that cost you the game had nothing to do with the scouts, I think they'll work great at just upsetting the opponents plans by just being a random fact that he cannot plan for, and will increase the chances of him making a mistake and allow your GH to capatalise on this.

    Give them another few games yet against various opponents and armies to fully get the hang of them, then decide whether you want them in the final list or not. I'll fecking play ya if you want, haven't had a game in ages so I'm well up for one.

    As for the rest of the list, I don't think the wolf blob will be as effective with only one lord as you don't have an extra 2+/3++ save to stick wounds on. significantly reducing the chances of the unit surviving mass fire. Either add a second or drop the dogs in favor of a TWC with Claw.

    The rest of the list is solid, but if you can add more lads to the GH squads as squads of 8+ GH are fecking scary.

    The pic at the end more accurately sums up Ivans list. Filth.

  2. Gimme a bell and bring the Orks some time as I have more trouble with them than I do the Daemonhunters.

    I reckon that 2 squads of Scouts is too much. If 2 squads mess up then I've lost 170 points, almost 10% of my army whereas the solitary squad is only 85 + Wolf Guard. I can keep the points for the GH squads or buffing a 2nd Wolf Lord.

    If I have more targets then I figure that I don't need as many warm bodies in the Grey Hunter squads as they'll get shot at less.

  3. I still think anyway to flesh out those GH squads is a good idea. 8 seems to be the magic number on those feckers. It scares assaulty armies and survives shooty armies.

    You suck.

  4. And your mam swallows.

    I don't think that I'll get them to 8 man each but I can have 2 7's with Characters and a solitary 6.

    I have a few options open to me about what to take and I'm mulling them over already, trying to find the models that I can use without having to buy anything.

  5. at least my mam doesn't play handball with the French.

  6. Wow, 3 days to think of that. That college education is really improving things. Your swallowing mother must be very proud.

    Scouts and Pods is what I'm trying out now but I will have a look at Lone Wolves and Speeders before Gaelcon.

  7. I was so proud.

    What would Lone Wolves actually add to the army? I'm not saying no just can't make out their role.

    Heard you whomped Cian. Well done.

  8. It's something else to shoot at as the Lord and thw two of them come rushing at you, each with 2+ saves, Shields and multiple wounds. The LW get FNP as an added bonus. Plus their Chainfists wreck tanks and Dreads.

    Cian's game was silly. Whatever I shot at died, whatever he shot at didn't. I had a pile of good luck that disappeared in my game with Caolán last night. I'll post up a batrep of Cian's game later on today or tomorrow.

  9. Also for the record its 3 vets in chimeras 2 melta 1 flamer :P

  10. They all look the same to me...


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