Thursday, September 27, 2012

Horus Heresy: Horus' Stats

Horus: Probably an 'after' pic.
While I'm more interested in the impending arrival of the Chaos book I am keeping a weather eye on the Horus Heresy supplement that Forge World are doing. Well, I was until I saw that the first book in the series, Betrayal, came with a price tag of £70. That's about €90 which will get me plenty of Cultists or more likely, enable me to go halves on both the Hordes starter and Dark Vengeance in order to get the factions that I want (Legion and Chaos respectively).

Anyway, I've still got enough interest in the Horus Heresy (thanks to the growing heap of books and audiobooks released) to have a sconce at the rules for Legions and their Primarchs. Specifically the Phoenician and his Legion before they become depraved psychopaths. His rules are available elsewhere but it would seem the gobshite that started it all has been hiding out. Proper order, as the loyalist Legions will be on their way for him soon.

Horus the Warmaster – Two hundred and fifty points doubled.
8/5/7/6/6/6/5/10 Sv 2+

Infantry (Character)

The Serpent’s Scale
2+/3++, 3+ deny the witch or save against any effect that would change his characteristics
The Warmaster’s Talon
Str user, AP 2, Melee, Shred, Disabling Strike
- Disabling Strike
Any model wounded but not slain by the Warmaster’s Talon in a particular assault phase is -1 WS and -1 S for the rest of the game. The damage is cumulative across multiple Assault phases.
ranged version – 24” str 5 ap3, assault 3, twin-linked
S 10, Ap2, Melee, master-crafted, concussion, unwieldly
Cognis Signum
Modifies reserve rolls (just like the master of signal's ability)
Teleportation matrix
Horus and any unit of terminators he has joined does not scatter when it deep strikes

Special Rules
Weapon Mastery
Horus has two close combat weapons and may wield them simultaneously, splitting his attacks between them in combat as desired
Sire of the Sons of Horus:
When Horus fights a unit or character with WS of 4 or less, he gains +d3 attacks (roll at the start of each fight sub-phase). When he (and any Terminator unit he has joined) are placed in reserve his player may elect which turn he arrives on. Any turn from second onward may be selected rather than rolling randomly.
God of Battle:
Any unit part of a force containing Horus placed in reserve gains the outflank rule
All models with the Legiones Astartes (Sons of Horus) special rule gain +1 Leadership to a maximum of LD 10 when Horus is present in the same force
A force containing Horus may seize the initiative on a roll of 4+
The Point of the Spear:
Veteran tactical squads and Justaerin terminator squads may be taken as troops when Horus is the Warlord
Unless engaged in close combat or held in reserve Horus may call down a single orbital bombardment attack in the shooting phase
Unlimited range, s10, ap 2, ordnance 1, large blast (5”), lance, twin-linked

Scary stuff indeed. I'm looking forward to Russ and Magnus, as well as Lorgar's before and after stats.

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