Sunday, August 8, 2010

ETC Results

1.Poland 10
2.Germany 9
3.Spain 9
4.Sweden 8
5.USA 8
6.Switzerland 8
7.Latvia 7
8.England 7
9.Russia 7
10.Denmark 7
11.France 6
12.Ukraine 6
13.Belarus 6
14.Italy 6
15.Austria 5
16.Faroe Islands 5
17.Finland 5
18.Hungary 5
19.Ireland 5
20.Scotland 4
21.Wales 4
22.Czech rep. 4
23.Belgium 2
24.North. Ireland 1

Congrats to Poland on winning it.

I'm more interested in Ireland's poor showing, especially as they did so well at the 6 Nations earlier in the year in Cardiff.

The Yanks placing 5th was unexpected. I wonder if they'll be disappointed with the result though after the lead they had going into day 2. We'll see if they can placate their own crowd after the furore they made over on Bols a while back.

As for the Nordies - the less said the better I suppose. TKE might need to get them into shape for the coming year.


  1. If anyone can do it, the King can. I've always had mad respect for his opinions.

    It's hard to find info on the ETC - is anybody out there putting up reports?

  2. Yes they did do very badly for some reason. Looking forward to hearing all the goss.

  3. @Brent: Not Brent is probably hiding them from you. Have a look at This might be useful:

    From what I can gather the guy who runs Rankings HQ was supposed to be putting up the results after each round but most of it came through from Twitter as he was too busy playing for the Aussies in Fantasy...

    Match-ups were:

    Hungary - Win
    Finland - Loss
    Czech - Draw
    Wales - Draw
    England - Loss (they'll never be forgiven)
    Faroes - Loss

  4. dissapointing for Ireland.

    As for the americans , they like to win tbh . 1st place is all you should aim for in competitive play anyway imo. (not that I have much success at that personnaly ^^)

    btw kudos for a vry nice Blog Stormy , nice to see a fellow corkman is getting 40k e-famous.

  5. Disappointing indeed. I know there was plenty of behind the scenes work going on; there was with Floody anyway. We had him cracking through his list and playing games til 4am on a few occasions and, to me at least, it just seems like the results don't reflect that.

    Of course I've no idea how much prep work the other teams put into it but its that we were hoping for/expecting a top 10 finish.

    I think the galling thing is that a few of us down here went through lots of the other lists and wrote them off but just didn't appreciate the importance of the offensive/defensive list environment.

    Plenty of tournaments coming up for you to test your mettle - Gaelcon in October for starters.

    Cheers for the kind words. They're especially welcome from fellow Corkonians. Except Pinball Wizard. No-one cares what he thinks because he's a langer.

  6. OOOOOOH! So Captain Queef thinks he's a big man all of a sudden just because he can break my arm in three places, maybe four. What harm, this way we know exactly what to expect from the tournament for next year. We could have done worse for a first go. Maybe people were expecting us to be more like the Fantasy the year before and lose in style. The lads going next year know will have to improve on it since they have an upper hand.

  7. They were chatting about this and you take 4 extremely aggressive lists that are all about doing damage to make its points and 4 very defensive lists that make it hard to get points from.

    Balanced lists just don't cut it at the ETC because you don't win by a big enough margin or you simply struggle to move beyond a draw pulling down the entire team's score.

    Its a steep learning curve but the lads at least have an idea of how to approach it next year so we can be thankful for small mercies.

  8. yeah. And we won a whole game too! yays!!!

  9. The Germans have been advancing at a steady pace each year in the 40k. Next year's opening game hads to be a surprise challenge match between the germans and the Poles and the Poles will be crushed in one hour because the russian team lists come on their board edge at the end of turn 4.


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