Saturday, August 7, 2010

More T-Fex

So I've played a few games with Mr. T-Fex and I have to say I'm impressed with him. I'll keep this brief as I've got no pics and I want to get a report with pics up. There was none taken of the Fex games yet because proxies and unpainted models in photos are too confusing to follow.

I've played 3 games so far - Mech Marines, Jump Pack BA and Mech Guard. 2 Draws and a Win were the results with the Fexes performing well overall. They were the Stars of the Show in the Guard fight bagging 3 Vendettas, a Hydra, 2 Chimeras and a Guard squad between them.

In the Mech Marines game they tarpitted a Termie Assault Squad and a Libby before eating them all (but not before the damned Force Weapon bagged one) while the BA game was the strangest I've played in ages: We got Spearhead/Seize Ground and he deployed nothing while I put down everything and marched toward him. He had nothing down til my turn 3 by which time I had over 60 Gaunts on the table from my Tervigons although he managed to kill enough to stop me contesting his objectives so it was a draw on Turn 5.

I'll get another game in and have it up this weekend. With Pics. I'll see if things go well or go messy. I'm expecting to fight Angry Merl's Chaos or Foreskin's Wolves which had better be distinguishable...


  1. I've watched 2 of those games now myself and unfortunately neither of them were against guard scumbags, but that is best case scenario for them I think. Guard are the one army that they can comfortably take down due to 2+, cover and no shaking.

    But I'm really starting to question their forward motion, specifically on capture and control or missions with spearhead. I think you're right that Trygons have a habit of just coming down, killing something and then dying.

    But no matter how I try I can't see that army getting across the board without Trygons or some podder. i think it's excellent and getting the fuckers out of their tin cans and even better at protecting the home objective but I'm not seeing the contesting/butchering needed to stop draws happening.

    You obviously can't count on gaunts, the big lads are too slow with a shitty combat capability and the prime is one guy.

    Now I haven't played with it or against it so all this is mostly void but I feel as though it overcompensates for its own weaknesses.

    Just like you baldy you microcock!

  2. The Guard win was hilarious - he managed to immobilise 2 Chimeras carrying Vet squads when he arrived and they did nothing for the game. The T-Fexes were brilliant shaking/stunning stuff or just destroying things. The extra 2 points of S over Hive Guard caught a few people off guard.

    I noticed that the army has no combat ability apart from Gaunts tarpitting stuff so I'm tempted to drop a T-Fex in favour of a Trygon and put in another Hive Guard to make it 2 squads of 3 so that I have something that can take care of Drop Podding units or Raider-charging Termies.

  3. PS - mine is still bigger than yours.

  4. I would be in favour of that myself. If Burkhardt had first turn and gotten off the mass charge he needed it could have been a very different story.

    Also whatever I say goes since I'm a 40k god. I validate this with my top 28 finish at Warpcon.

    Trygons just give them that edge in the game they need. Otherwise it's just too easy to draw with that list half the time.


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