Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bewbs from the Big Dorian

If only Heineken tasted like this...
I was in Jakarta a few months back and I managed to drop by a shop there called Fantasy N Games. Well, two shops actually: both the one on the 2nd floor in the Pondok Indah Shopping Centre in Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta) and Taman Anggrek in Jakarta Selatan (South).

It was in the latter that I picked up Njal Stormcaller (the same price as here which is a couple of week's wages for most people over there o_0) and I managed to take some piccies of some stuff in the shop cabinet.

Sadly I had a pile of photos on my old laptop but that died (I don't know if its €15 to fix the charger or €55 to fix the battery) and I've lost them but I still have a pile of different stuff here. It was nice to be able to find some traces of civilisation out there and next time I'm over I'll have to bring an army and grab a few people for a game or two on my way to Bali.

Seriously, Bali  > Jakarta.

Warm sunshine and clean air versus polluted, smoggy humidity? No contest. I couldn't hack Jakarta for more than a few days as it was actually pretty boring. All you can do there is shop and organise trips to other places (i.e. out of town) whereas in Bali you can do that, or wander down to the beach at 8am and crack open a few Bintang for breakfast after a swim. In mid-October. Yeah, that place is full of win. But Jakarta does have 2 gaming shops...

Anyway, onto the pics:
Taking tramp stamps to the next level
If I ever manage to get my laptop fixed I'll upload the rest of the Valk pics as it looked gorgeous with these huge Angel wings painted over the plane wings. The guy in the shop does commission pieces for people and I quite like his work. I'm very tempted to bring some Chaos stuff over there and have him Slaanesh it up. Maybe without the tentacles/genticles as I already have the party bus...

On one side is an Angel, on the other a Daemon. Pretty sweet, but it gets better...

If I get aroused do I get arrested?
Elmo gets in on the act, although I am worried about the state of mind of the guy that commissioned this. I get the Bewbs, I get Elmolols but I'm not sure you can add them together in that way. It's warped but in a good way.

That is the last of the ladies I'm afraid as I appear to have lost the rest of them, although I did managed to find a very impressive job on Tehenhauin (sp?) that only using drybrushing to build up the layers and some High Elves painted in yellow and white. One of them is bad enough but both of them? Masochist.

Good God I have to save up some money and get back out there for a dose of sand and sunshine.


  1. They sure do look purrty. Yep Bali rocks alright. It'd be a thousend times better without the Aussies though.

    And why don't they sell Bintang here.

  2. Bali is like the Aussie version of Spain - all the lads looking to get beer and laid easily head straight for there every year but that's really only Kuta and Legian.

    The rest of the place is lovely and quiet, even Denpasar the capital of the island is nice and it isn't very polluted.

    Bintang doesn't travel because there's very few chemicals (preservatives) in it I think, unlike that other terrible Dutch creation Heineken which we get stuck with...


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