Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treason Season

Well its started early this year as the City Hall isn't flying the Tricolour in favour of the local County Flag. The local sporting flag at that. The civil service housed at the back of the building are at it too.

I can't say I blame them for ignoring government protocol, issued as it was by the department of the Taoiseach. He's got bigger things to worry about at the moment and doesn't really need any more bad press especially with the Civil Service who aren't exactly enamoured with him at the moment.

I'm surprised that someone from the Garda station next door hasn't come in to tell them already...

To be honest I'd be more upset if someone *didn't* declare an independent PROC if we win the Sam Maguire as opposed to immediately pulling the flags down and going back to business on Monday.

In other news, I have been committing my own acts of miniature treason as I too have switched to a preference for red and white objets d'arts.
There's a pile of pics on my photobucket page going through what I've painted. The above are in Other Realms in the display cabinet but need a bit more work. They're presentable but they need inking and drybrushing, as well as having the faces worked on.

Not the face work I'm talking about but still worth looking at.
There's also the gems. Oh God the gems. That's something that I dislike about the Elven/Eldar range. There's just too many of the fecking things and I couldn't shave these ones off as I had to show off what you get in the shop. When I get them back they'll be almost entirely gemless and the red will be toned down so they can fit in with the rest of my army.

I'll post up something Wolfy when I get more of their stuff painted. That won't be very much if Cork win the All-Ireland. Come on the Rebels!


  1. I managed to catch a look at your work when picking up some Lizardmen. Very nice work!

  2. And Blogger doesn't let you edit comments. That can be annoying.

    Cheers for the kind words, but there's still a bit of work to be done on them to get them fully finished. They still meet any tournaments 3-colour minimum and based so I was happy enough with them. :)


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