Saturday, November 6, 2010

And now, for something completely Dark Eld-I mean different...

I am Dark Eldar - I feel no pain!
While I'm waiting for the immersion to heat up (its an Irish thing) and I'm still chopping and changing my Gaelcon and Conclave Batreps (so many pics...) I've been thinking about the nouveau Dark Eldar and what I can do with them. Or more accurately, what I can do with other people's models while I'm painting up the Wolves to 3 colours, based *and* highlighted.

I have a few ideas I'd like to try out apart from the obvious Raiderspam: I'd like to see if Footdar can work with a horde of FNP things running at you shielding a guy with a Webway Portal before the Reserves arrive.

So with Gaylawn's (that's how you pronounce his name) models I figure I can get the following:

Daisy Duke (for fiddling with Combat Drug rolls and Deep Striking)
Haemonculus with Venom Blade
2 x 4 Trueborn with 3 Blasters
2 x Venoms with Splinter Cannon
3 x 10 Warriors with Splinter Cannon
3 x Raiders with Flicker, Night Shields
2 x Ravagers with Flicker, Night Shields
Voidraven Bomber
5 Beastmasters with 10 Khymerae, 4 Razorwing Flocks and 1 Clawed Fiend

I can reserve everything and still have lots of fast units that can spend their time targeting vehicles early on before mopping up Infantry later in the game. The Duke gives all of my vehicles Retrofire jets can I can Poison up one of the Warrior squads to a 3+.

The Haemonculus goes with the Beasts and leaves them asap to hitch a ride or join with a nearby infantry unit. They keep his pain token and can now enjoy FNP Wound-allocation silliness with all the profiles in the unit. I took the Clawed Fiend to take the Lascannon hits and drop him to 1 or 2 wounds before combat begins so he throws out lots of high S attacks while the Razorwings are protected by the Khymerae until they can unleash their Rending attacks: 24 on the charge is pretty decent.

That big Beast unit costs 275 points and I would normally take more mechanised units but didn't have more paper aeroplanes to hand to ferry a combat unit or two. That's probably what I'll run for a week or two to get the hang of things or until I can proxy the shite out of a Foot Delfdar list.

Baron Sillysticks
3 Haemonculii
2 x Wound Allocation Shenanigan Beast units
2 x 15 Hellions
3 x 7 or 8 Trueborn with 3 or 4 Dark Lances (I need long-ranged anti-tank somewhere)
1 or 2 Talos/Chronos for Pain Token distribution
Wrack/Wych horde running foward

Its an army that I can plaster FNP all over although I reckon putting most of it in a Webway Portal should see it survive long enough to get to combat. Dawn of War - deploy a lone Haemonculus with Webway Portal hidden like a secret 2nd family, drop it turn 1 and I can bring on my horde from the centre of the table turn 2.

The Baron rides with his Hellion buddies and they can multi-charge to their black heart's content buying time for the rest of the army to get into position. This is something I'm going to come back to as I'd like to see an infantry-heavy army be able to compete in a tournament setting. I think with FNP and Cover Saves that it can be done but it'll be a bloody mess and you'll need to have big units to ensure that you get there.

Apart from Warriors - having big units of these is a waste. One other thing I also want to try out is an Ancient with a Mindphase Gauntlet and have him snipe an IC or MC and allow the rest of his unit tear it apart. It is a bit gimmicky but with one or two Pain Tokens loaded up they should be able to hit hard while any IC backup is silenced.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the new torture-porn kids on the block?

Having seen this I just had to add it up: I really wish they had chosen to leave some of that stuff in. Especially the Cartman reference.


  1. Let the battle of the footdars commence! Just let me get a hold of an avatar, eldrad and a whole pile of guardians and I'll see you at the battlefield. Should be a titanic battle. My piles of suck should vastly outsuck you.

    Read a little thingy similar to that on some forum about some langer chatting with Jes. According to him this book got Jes in the mood for doing loads of eldar stuff and he admitted that eldar aren't even in the design phase yet so that has me gagging for grey knights to be good.

    Anyway back to the topic. I really fucking like ne codices. I think this one takes the trophy for most awesome 5th ed book in terms of flexibility. No 2 armies will be the same far as I can see which will be a delight to see (*cough* guard).

    Furthering your comment all players who now play the Duke have to rename their army the Kabal of the Hazzard boys and scream YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAW everytime they deep strike all their tankses.

    They'll make a nice change from your hordes of failure with te wolves. Yopu even managed to outdo my faildar at one stage; that's embarassing and emasculating. Ya girl.

    Anyway I really like them, they're terrifying but soft, like a failed rapist. they'll just be a nice change to the game as a whole.


  2. 'They'll make a nice change from your hordes of failure with te wolves. Yopu even managed to outdo my faildar at one stage; that's embarassing and emasculating. Ya girl.'
    I still managed to finish higher than you. Twice. That must make your panties twist.

    Bring your Eldars to the lad's gaff on Thursday. I'll bring the camera so we can make a video of you pulling your underwear out after you get spanked.

  3. YAY! grammar fail for Donal. I hate this fucking keyboard so much.

    *cough* by.

    Really looking forward to seeing these dark eldars in action. My low toughness should make poison almost useless.

  4. "Just let me get a hold of an avatar, eldrad and a whole pile of guardians and I'll see you at the battlefield". Didn't I give you all that shite when you took my case? Also did you ever get those warwalkers?

    But yeah for DE anyway, can't wait to get back to give em a whirl. And after that the Knights are gona kick some arse, looks like the Orks will have to put up with being ready for Warpcon 2012, provided the apocalypse doesn't happen before then (fucking mayans being to lazy to finish their damn calender.

    Anywho, back to my essay

    Go on skype

  5. ah yes, skype. Must get that.

    Got the walkers in the end. Steve just about managed to be heterosexual long enough for me to get em. I don't have your Avatar because they're shit. I have my own Avatar that will end up in display.


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