Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stormy's ASS: The Tork Bow

Purdy Trukk stolen from the internets.
Welcome again to my ASS (Army Specific Shenanigans) and this time to the antics that have been unleashed with the latest FAQ answers dealing with Fast Vehicles. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Tork Bow (I may not have created it but I can damn well name it).*

Named for a weapon that a buddy loves to wield in his obsession (Gears of War 2) this follows the same principle as the one in the computer game: take aim and loose a missile that will lodge itself in an enemy and take them out with an explosive detonation.

There is one additional dimension to the 40k Tork Bow.

So what is the Tork Bow?

It's a Trukk that is designed to move Flat Out to Ram a tank, get destroyed, dump out the unit of Boys and have them assault a unit afterward. Seriously.

1. You give a Trukk a Reinforced Ram and Red Paint before packing in whatever variety of greenies you want.

2. In your movement phase you declare that you are Ramming and moving your full distance of 19" (if possible). You are now moving Flat Out (p70 BRB).

Here's a Trukk after spotting an Immobilised Vendetta. It can't get away. :)

EDIT: This does actually happen.
3. Resolve the Ram attack. You're actually hoping that the Trukk explodes. It should really, as its only got AV10 and is Open-Topped. Normally models that are in a transport that has moved Flat Out that Immobilises itself in the same turn are all destroyed (FAQ) but the Ork ramshackle ensures that this doesn't happen. How?

The ramshackle rule states: "If a trukk sufferes a Vehicle Destroyed! or Vehicle Explodes! (wrecked) result, roll on the Ramshackle table below and apply the result instead of the usual effects [emphasis mine]."

This tells you to disembark the passengers but the rulebook (and FAQ) says that they cannot disembark and are instead destroyed if the trukk moved flat out.

And as we all know: Codex > Rulebook so the unit is free to get out of the wreckage.

4. Assuming the unit of Boys isn't Pinned or Fleeing due to casualties suffered, it hops out and if you call a Waaagh you can move them D6" (the full 6" if Gazzy does it) before assaulting another 6".

So let's add that up:
Trukk moves 19" for ramming (18" normally plus 1" for Red Paint Job);
Trukk gets wrecked and the lads can spill out within 2";
Warboss calls a Waaaagh! for an extra D6";
Assault up to 6" (2D6" if in difficult terrain).

That gives you 19+2+6+6 = 33", and that's not including the situation where you can get most of the model's base sticking out of the 2" wreck bubble. Funnily enough, if you get a Kareen! result you can have the unit end up further in the enemy lines if the Scatter dice goes in your favour. Don't forget that you can also do this to Tank Shock a Monsterous Creature that will crush your Trukk into a little pulp and allow the lads to jump out.

So is the Tork Bow a legal tactic or are my rules interpretations all wrong and will they cause people to shout 'Shenanigans' at the top of their voices? Comments below as always.

*I've blatantly lifted this from so I hope they don't mind me spreading the word.

EDIT: Ok readers, it looks like I took the wrong side in this debate and the unit in the Trukk will be destroyed it gets to disembark. Have a look here for why:

I'm not deleting my post because I like the pretty pictures in case you're wondering... 


  1. You will get calls of Shenanigans and cheater and rules abuse.

    Which is fine, coz this is too DAMN ORKY not to do.

  2. Hooray for other people supporting the cause of evil!

    Feel free to throw up an army list that takes advantage of this somewhere btw. ;) Even here will do.

    I'm going back over the BRB, FAQ and Ork codex to ensure that this is legal but it does seem to check out.

    I wonder if this will make people stop saying Orks are terribad now? Or is this just another mini-buff comparable to the Deathrolla?

  3. Sadly it doesn't work.

    If you move Flat Out you cannot disembark. If you have to Disembark, like the Kaboom results indicates, the unit is destroyed. It's in the new FAQ that went up recently.

    Nice try though.

  4. The Codex>BRB only works where there is a conflict between the rules.
    In this case there is no conflict.
    Moving Flat-out prevents the unit from disembarking.
    The ramshackle rules still has the unit disembark.
    As the unit cannot disembark they are destroyed.
    This didn't work even before the FAQ.

  5. Ok, here's an update.

    I've been arguing this with Aromoro and SeattledV8 on Heresy and I've got to admit it looks like this bird isn't going to fly.

    Kareen on pg 41 of the Ork Codex says:
    'The Trukk is destroyed...Surviving passengers must disembark and take a Pinning test.'

    It isn't the Ramshackle table saying that it overrides the Rulebook's destruction rules, its the bit above ('surviving passengers') that means that the unit will be annihilated before it

    (a) suffers damage (which is moot)
    (b) gets to disembark.

    due to the Flat Out/Immobilised rule.

    I think I've got that right. If anyone can argue further either way then feel free to add a comment.

    Thanks for dropping by to argue the case lads.

    @Fester: Hope I haven't made you a Sad Panda by building your hopes up only to dash them.

  6. Even if this did work it'd be a case of "for LOLZ". *Sigh*, 2010, the dawn of the Jaws-Generation (that is Space wolf players who ALWAYS do jaws (ie. all of them) because it's fun when it goes off then whinge like girls it doesn't work and they're thrown away their priest - which is most of the time.
    Though it would be cool to pull off against a cheeky Guard or Tau player!

  7. It's a fun idea, and one I wish worked. It's good I know the truth though, so if I see it at a tournament I know the arguments against it :)


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