Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warpcon: I am ready.

So Warpcon weekend is finally upon us and I've now got my army fully painted and my list printed although it hasn't been pre-submitted because I'm lazy, basically. I've managed to get my hands on €90 worth of energy drinks and I'll be dragging these beauties along on Sunday to get myself into shape for the last 2 rounds, assuming all goes well.

I see that TKE is going to attempt to do a live round-by-round update which seems to be a lot of work - I'm going to take the easy way out and pop up some batreps of stuff afterward. Hopefully Burkhardt will have his BA stuff finished completely: I'm calling dibs on putting up pics first there TKE. They're mine boy. That applies to you too Iggy.

So I've got 5 games with my 1750 points of Space Wolves ahead of me for the weekend. I'll thow up my list and pics afterward including the lazy way to paint Wolves. Wish me luck.


  1. Your list wasn't the only thing you "threw up" ....

  2. You let the side down. You were only 2 rooms away from puking in every room of my house. You bottled it.

  3. It would've needed to be a seriously large bottle to hold that amount of vomit.

  4. I tried Eoin, I tried but I reckon that I used up all my energy fighting that traffic light.

    Note to readers: Do not drink at cons if you want to do well.

  5. Note to readers: The above note only matters if you can't hold your booze i.e. like Stormy.


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