Saturday, April 23, 2011

ETC 6 Nations Day 1

Alright lads, I meant to have this updated regularly but we can't use the computer during the day because its used for results and they're afraid of crashing or something.

Bag of dicks.

So round 1 we were up against the Nordies.

I got some Blood Angels and got 8-12. The WGBL took a wound from a Furioso, blew it up and died in the explosion.Very, very shitty. To make it even worse (funnier) the Lord was fighting a 1-armed Furry for 3 turns, took a wound, rolled a 10 and ran off the board.

Turn 5 - I had a win.
Turn 6 - I had a win.
Turn 7 - Draw on Primary (multi-objectives), Loss on Secondary (KP 10/9)

Game 2 we played the Gallowglasses and I got thrown with the Captain (Gar) playing Orks.
45 Lootas, 1 Wagon, 3 Trukk Squads, Mek, Grots.

The Lords fell over early on and the Grey Hunters carried the can: one squad took out a Battlewagon, Mek and Loota mob in one turn. Again:

Turn 5 - I had a win.
Turn 6 - I had a win.
Turn 7 - Draw on Primary (multi-objectives), Draw on Secondary (one objective each).

Game 3 was Dark Eldar (Peter) with 4 Venoms, 2 units of Wracks, Beasts, 3 Ravagers with Flickers, 2 Wych Raiders, 1 with Haemon, 2 x 3 Bikes with Caltrops and Heat Lance.

I castled. He came at me. The Lords went to town taking out Haemon, Wyches, Beasts, Warriors, Trueborn and some Reavers. Even the unit of Wolves took out some Bikers before they died.

Turn 5 - I had a win.
Turn 6 - I had a win.
Turn 7 - I had a win,

Win on Primary, lose the secondary, draw on VPs so a 12-8.

I've got 30 points after 3 games with my shitty list, and I would have won the first two had they ended early so I'm not too pissed.

After day 1 the standings are:

England 5 points 9000 vps
Wales 5 points 3500 vps
Ireland 5 points 2500 pvs
Nordies 2 points 2000 vps
Scotland 1 point 2000 vps
Barbarians/Gallowglasses 0 points Sweet FA points

The points are an approximation. You get 8 points if you win the Primary Objective, 4 points for your Secondary and up to 8 for VPs depending upon the difference in points. I think its 300 points brackets i.e. 301 point difference is +1 BP. All games are out of 20 BP.

If you get 86 you win the round and score 2 points. 1 each for a draw, 0 for a loss.

We're not doing too bad. Now I'm off to the pub. I'll get back with photos and such later.

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