Friday, May 6, 2011

6 Nations Round 3: Scotland

I assume the Scots retired early to practice bagpipes.
So with an early nights sleep due to the lack of drink on Good Friday we expected the Scots to be well refreshed and ready for our games i.e. not hungover.

So it was that I was put up against Pete and his very fancy newly-airbrushed Dark Eldar. With all the floating gunboats I figured that I'd have to hide most of my army before getting stuck in over the last few turns rather than deploying stuff and getting blown away very quickly.

Haemonculus (50)

3 Trueborn (36) 3 Blasters (45) – 81 Transport 1
3 Trueborn (36) 3 Blasters (45) – 81 Transport 2

6 Wracks (60) + Liquifer gun (10) - 60
9 Wyches (90) Haywire Grenades (18) Shardnet (10) Hekatrix (10) Venom Blade (5) - 133
In Transport 5
9 Wyches (90) Haywire Grenades (18) Shardnet (10) Hekatrix (10) Venom Blade (5) – 133
In Transport 6
5 Warriors (45) Blaster (15) - 60 Transport 3
5 Warriors (45) Blaster (15) - 60 Transport 4

3 Reaver jet bikes (66) Heat Lance (12) Caltrops (20) Arena Champion (10) Venom blade (5) - 113
3 Reaver jet bikes (66) Heat Lance (12) Caltrops (20) - 98
3 Beastmasters (36) 5 Kyhmera (60) 4 Razorwing Flocks (60) - 156

Ravager with 3 Dark Lances (105) Flicker Field (10) - 115
Ravager with 3 Dark Lances (105) Flicker Field (10) - 115
Ravager with 3 Dark Lances (105) Flicker Field (10) - 115

Transport : 1 Venom (55) 2nd Splinter Cannon (10) - 65
Transport : 2 Venom (55) 2nd Splinter Cannon (10) - 65
Transport : 3 Venom (55) 2nd Splinter Cannon (10) - 65
Transport : 4 Venom (55) 2nd Splinter Cannon (10) - 65
Transport : 5 Raider Dark Lance - 60
Transport : 6 Raider Dark Lance - 60
The Long Fangs: hidden better than Bin Laden.


Primary: Draw Mission
Secondary: Kill Points
Deployment: Spearhead

Deployment, Turn 1 and Turn 2
God I love these short battle reports.

Pete won the roll to go first so deployed everything. I hid everything. Except the Long Fangs. Who hid behind a hill.

Its the one at the bottom of the pic on the left beside the case with my tanks on it. Their job was to lure out vehicles so they'd get to split fire and damage one or two (hopefully dumping the squads out of them) before they get turned to paste. By doing this I'd drag his army toward me resulting in two things: (1) Lots of his stuff would be off his objective giving me a chance to grind my way toward it (2) I'd have his stuff in Assault range sooner so the Wolfblob wouldn't be subjected to a steady torrent of firepower - being in combat would be much safer for them than being shot by Venoms and Ravagers.

The photo above shows Pete's army after 2 turns of movement where he'd boosted to get into LOS. Loads of my stuff showed up - the Wolfblob on the left chanced a good fleet roll, got it and rushed a Venom which exploded, while the Long Fangs tagged another. Two Rhinos showed up and they parked on top of my objective which was under the Long Fangs behind the hill.

Turn 3
Here's a unit of Beasts showing up from in the centre of Pete's lines while his vehicles have all wisely pulled back away from the Wolfblob. He shoots some stuff but has little effect beyond stunning Rhinos and killing pet Wolves.

Another Rhino shows up and goes up the centre near a wood to draw fire away from the Wolfblob and get some Meltas near the centre of the board. The Lords start to seperate to tear up infantry and start scoring KP as I've only got 2 so far.

Turn 4
A unit of Reavers boosts over my Fangs and kills a couple placing themselves out of assault range of most of my stuff. Most. More vehicles move up to try to gun down the Lords but they do very little, although the Rhino on the right is stunned, stopping its advance for now while the weapons are torn off the Rhinos on the objective.

The Plasma Hunters show up and cockblock the objective. The wolves race after the Reavers - I reckon I can take them in combat with 3 attacks each. I do, even though I lose a few. Pete's not happy. He's even less happy with the TWC racing toward his tanks which the Grey Hunters are starting to damage as they've risked getting out of their transports simply because they can't shoot otherwise. I bag a pair of Raiders but don't do much to the Wyches. The Lords finish off their combats.

Turn 5

The Wyches rush the WGBL and Frost Blade Lord and tie them up in combat by passing loads of 4+ invuls. Another unit of Wyches maul the Wolves and consolidate near to the objective hoping that they get a Turn 6. All of the anti-tank guns near the centre finally bag the central Rhino stranding the squad.

Thankfully they've got Melta guns so they bag a Ravager but they're still dangerously exposed despite hiding behind a wreck. The Bear Lord and Claw Lord get stuck in, grind their way through the Wyches and the Wyches stay in combat. I'm not happy.

Turns 6 & 7
Again, had the game ended sooner I'd have got lots more points but it dragged on for two more turns with the Wyches not dying off til my Turn 7 which meant that the Wyches on my objective were able to chew their way through the Long Fangs and a unit of Grey Hunters to ensure they were able to give me a scare until the final turn by camping on my objective, but they weren't able to save the Venom, Ravager, Trueborn and Warriors that I went through in my last two turns before turning the assaulty stuff on them and pulling them away from my objective which meant that I grabbed a draw on primary, a win on secondary and the vps didn't have enough of a difference to merit a bonus.

12-8 to me and a win for the team so I was happy with that, but we'd have our work cut out against the Welsh in the next round. Before that though, there was a pub to visit.

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  1. I liked his paint job. The air brush works well on vehicles like that. It was one of the first times those Raiders have looked like something other than Jabbas Barge.

    Nice report too. Moo.


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