Monday, July 4, 2011

ETC lists are in.

Apparently balance isn't the key to the ETC.
Hello all,

I realise that its been a while since I've posted anything but things have been hectic recently. There's been some personal stuff but more related to this blog is Team Ireland has been grinding out lists for the ETC (I've caused the team a lot of headaches over which style of army to take before settling on what you see below) and they've been published in the public domain for all to see.

I'm well aware that there are people that don't rate the ETC as a competition (Hello Stelek) but I've been told to listen to Rory McIlroy's take on the Ryder Cup before and after: apparently you have to experience it. Also the ETC itself is less about bringing balanced armies and more about the pairing system. I can't speak much about it because I have so little experience of it.

The lists for each country are available here with Ireland's here. I'll let others pass comment on it. I'm off to analyse them.

And the draw for Round 1:

1 : Finland vs Republic of Ireland
2 : Norway vs Latvia
3 : Denmark vs Poland
4 : Italy vs Sweden
5 : Switzerland vs England
6 : Germany vs Wales
7 : Northern Ireland vs Austria
8 : Russia vs Belgium
9 : Spain vs Czech Republic
10 : France vs Belarus
11 : Greece vs USA
12 : Scotland vs Euro Merc Team


  1. No IG? Where's the leaf blower / strimmer / garden rake / other assorted garden furniture? :) good luck anyways.

  2. Thanks lad. No, there isn't. I think that was something that we reckoned we could survive without. We'll see if we were right next month.

    There's a Czech site here that provides numbers of the armies being used in the ETC:

    Wolves are top at 23 (one in every team) with Guard & BA next at 21 and GK at 19. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

  3. 7 Chaos armies. I looked at USA,
    Roi, ni, england, Scotland, Finland. All had at least 1 lash army.
    Is that the only way to play chaos? Or are there other builds?

  4. Lash is the most solid build to play with chaos with other builds just lacking in the synergy that the oblits/lash have.

    Took a look at some of the other lists as well and was surprised at what I saw. Footdar? A full DoA list? Drop Pods? Really? With so much grey knights and the possibilities of warp quake I wouldn't take those armies.

    Also good luck bud :)

  5. How do you know that dual lash is the only way to go?
    You don't play chaos. Stormy does.
    Tbh, it just sounds like you're regurgitating BoLS and Goatboy.
    Dual Lash / Oblit spam is all over the place. Surely people have attempted othe builds by now? Or are they 1 trick builds designed to cock over specific armies / builds?
    Which should have been my question first day really

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  8. I do play chaos just so you know and have played and played against many chaos lists to know that the lash/oblit spam works the best, so get off your high horse and get your head out of your own ass in assuming I don't know a thing about other armies and I just repeat whatever idiots on BoLs say even though I don't even read it.

  9. Wow these comments really kicked off, I might pitch in if I may. Antonius to answer your question on why those countries have decided to take those lists and why those lists are constructed the way they were:

    The Irish Chaos ETC list was designed last year (by Richard Flood, Michael Tangney and Joseph Cullen) after the disastrous performance of the Chaos Army at Home Nations that year in preparation for the ETC proper. The list was designed with the Team's needs in mind and I'd bet that the other countries have done just the same with the players on the Team and perhaps more importantly the player using the list adding in their own, non-typical, choices.

    Lash princes are great value for money but more importantly, in the hands of a good player they're game changing. Since objectives are so important at the ETC this is an ability one could use wisely.

    The obliterators, while outdated by newer codexes in terms of effectiveness are still a survivable, punishing heavy support choice and give the player the added bonus of mass, effective deep strike moves.

    You still see other choices in the codex crop up every now and then, plague marines, Khorne Berserkers, Abbaddon. But some things just aren't that efficient for their points costs (Thousand Sons, Bikers for example). The main reason for the lack of variability in lists you see however really boils down to the lack of effective choices available in the codex


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