Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm off to the Pale to see this lot. I've got clothes, beer and just enough money for food and transport. No camera though, as I fully expect to be getting smashed about in a pit.

I'll have game 5 from Warpcon up in a few days (Fateweaver makes an appearance) while I've got something in mind for Wolf Scouts.

Until then, auf wiedersehen.


  1. I'm seeing them at Nottingham on Friday :D

  2. Here lad - they're absolutely class. There's a ton of pyro in the show and they were going for 2 hours. The support act were Deathstars, who were alright, but they didn't play their best known stuff (Cyanide & Our God The Drugs) but at least they gave it welly for an hour.

    In fairness, no-one was thinking about them long after the Germans took the stage and the heat from the flames washed over everyone. They played all their most well-known songs and the crowd went mental so you're in for a good night if my night in Dublin is anything to go by.

  3. Yup me and my GF loved it, it's the 4th time she's seen them now

  4. No surprise there lad - it was actually the best gig I've been to but I didn't want to build your expectations up too much. I didn't even mind being sprayed on by a 10 foot penis, it was such a good gig. :P

    What made it better was the cock-blocking I did to the Pinball Wizard. No Nordie poontang for you lad. :P


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