Thursday, May 17, 2012

B&W Pics of SoB WIP

Celestine: the best Character in the game?
All of those TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms) were just for you Keaveney. Well they might not look very Ecclesiarchy-y but it's what I'm going for: using Chaos models (all lovely and plastic) as opposed to the expensive (and metal or Finecast?) Sisters models that costs €50+ for a unit of 10 while they pump out those 10 CSM & Rhino boxes for €45 sounds like a plan.

Here's a few pics of what I've been up to for the past few weeks at any rate in getting my army off the ground. I spray them black and then give them a dusting of white paint because it creates an easy way to spot how natural shading and highlighting should work, which will look lovely until I obliterate it all with pink and black. Here's another shot of her.

There are a few tanks lying around already completed but I have to give one of my Rhinos a redo as it is way too red for my liking thanks to slathering on the Baal Red. Which now needs to be replaced.

Here's a few more pics, starting with Uriah Jacobus.
It's an old Wych Succubus model with a Daemonette Standard arm. Like the meerkat says: Simples.

The rest of the models are going to be a Battle Conclave with the Daemonettes acting as Death Cults and the Dark Eldar as Crusaders, and I've got something special planned for the latter.

I was hoping that I'd get to use the Daemonettes when the 6th ed Chaos book drops but with many of the rumours suggesting they won't be interchangeable they'll probably be confined to the Sisters or they might be able to double up as Cultists if they're allowed in an Emperor's Children army.

The opened hands have been used for a reason which will become 'clearer' in a while. I was going to say weeks but it'll probably be months before I get these ladies all finished...


  1. Celestine is looking good!
    Going to be starting work on my army soon enough... not as wild as yours tho!

  2. Cheers lad. I'm toying with a Daemonette to see what the final scheme might end up like and I'm relatively happy with it. Black for the hair, claws and toes/horns, pink on the corset, white skin and red eyes. It should allow me to get them done faster.

  3. BTW, I forgot to say that when you do get some models up and running then throw them up on your own blog.


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