Monday, June 25, 2012

6th ed Warlord Buffs

Look. It's Warlord from the WWF. How shiny and camp.
Many of us will have seen the Battle Report from the new WD and will have noticed how Creed was elected the allied IG/GK Warlord and received a buff.

There are 3 traits open to choose from and they are Strategic, Command and Personal. You pick the table you want and roll a D6 and that trait applies for the game.

If its a buff then its random I can live with as you don't get a debuff by rolling 1's. Some stuff will be useless: Ouflanking units get Acute Senses? Woo, my Wolf Scouts will be happy.

There are some fairly decent ones in there like forcing a unit within 12" of the Warlord to use the lowest Ld in the unit for Morale tests though. It'll be interesting to see how useful they prove overall and if they'll apply in games without allies, although that appears unlikely from the wording.

Warlord. Your warlord is one of your HQs with the highest LD, u choose in a draw. 3 different charts command traits, personal and strategic.


friendly units in 12 get to use your LD

enemy units in 12 use the lowest LD in their squad.

all friendly units in 12 get move through cover.

all friendly units in 12 may reroll running.

all friendly units in 12 re roll 1s to hit when shooting at an enemy within 3 of an objective.

all friendly units in 12 add 1 to charge distance.

warlord and his unit get counter attack if in own deployment zone.

warlord and his unit get furious charge if in enemy deployment zone.

warlord and any unit he joins in deployment get outflank.

get 1 VP for each character killed by you warlord.

your warlord and his unit get FnP if within 3 of an objective.

your warlord is a scoring unit.


all your units get move though cover for ruins and stealth in ruins.

you amy have night fighting on the first turn.

your outflanking units get acute senses.

while he is alive you may reroll reserve rolls.

while he is alive your opponent get -1 on reserve rolls.

after both sides have deployed but before scouts you may redeploy 1 unit 3D6 inches, or 3 units D6 inches, may not leave deployment zone.

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