Monday, July 19, 2010

Conclave Game 2

After losing the first game I was bumped down the tables and was drawn in a Kill Points/Dawn of War with Fionn's Eldar army. His list from memory was:

Farseer with Doom, Runes of Warding (no Fortune, really)

19 Storm Guardians with Warlock, 2 Fusion Guns
20 Storm Guardians with Warlock, 2 Fusion Guns
10 Dire Avengers with Exarch & Bladestorm

5 Fire Dragons
Serpent with Twin Missiles
5 Fire Dragons
Serpent with Twin Missiles

3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers
Night Spinner tank thingy
3 Dark Reapers with Exarch with Crack Shot

I won the roll to go first. With sweet FA terrain I knew I had to pack as much stuff as I could behind it and move everything else forward. I moved my stuff on the left-hand side with the Razors on the far left and Rhinos and Wolfblob centrally. I didn't bother smoking as most of the Eldar guns would be out of range and/or out of sight.


I put a Hunter squad in a Rhino on my right and they pushed forward smoking.

All of my army moved on as fast as it could as I know that the Wolves will eat Eldar in combat and I had to get through his firepower to win the game. Fionn's stuff rolled on but the only thing that did damage was his Fire Dragons hopping out of their Serpent and destroying my Rhino on the right. The unit inside lost 3 to Scatter Lasers and then fled 12", taking them out of retribution (assault) range of the Fire Dragons and pissing me off no end.

My turn saw me gun down one of his Serpents with multiple Lasbacks and Missile Launchers while the other one was Immobilised with its rear armour facing me.:) Everything else had simply moved forward.

His turn 2 saw him move up and open fire. The Fire Dragons and Avatar blew away the last two Rhinos and killed a few Marines in the explosion. I didn't mind as they had made it to the crucial midfield area and I was sure I was in assault range to start hitting home. The Night Spinner thing killed some Wolves and put them in Dangerous Terrain and the Reapers did something. I don't remember what really, they weren't impressive.

End Eldar Turn 2

My turn 3 saw my stuff get stuck in. The Grey Hunters rushed some Fearless Guardians while the Hammer Lord charged the Avatar. Seeing as there was very little fire support left I pounded the War Walkers from distance and did some damage.

The Avatar was pucked senseless by the Hammerman and died after failing his Fearless armour saves. The Guardians were pulled apart but that combat was done first in order to take advantage of the Avatar's Fearless bubble that would trap the squishy Guardians in combat and stop my Hunters being shot in the following round.

His turn saw them demolished with 2 survivors getting away even though another squad charged in. They bounced off after the Wolf Standards starting popping up.

My response was for a Hunter squad to charge his Dragons while the Wolf Lords rushed his Dire Avengers. His Guardians kept running and his Dark Reapers were shot at and ran off too. The War Walkers were killed off too while the his turn passed with the Fire Dragons taking out the Claw Lord. My last turn I got to pummel his Night Spinner thing but only took off the weapon. Fionn used his last turn to hide Eldar style.

I'm so ronery...
It ended 17-3 Battlepoints to me.

I didn't take much from the game as there was hardly any terrain for either of us to hide and his army wasn't going to be the hardest for my army to face with all that squishy infantry sans Fortune. I reckon that he could have simply attritioned me down with Fortune - I rate it that much.

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