Monday, July 19, 2010

Conclave 2010

So for Conclave I didn't get everything painted fully (I still need to put highlights on the Long Fangs) but everything was based for Brocon so the army looks better in those photos. I'll put up what I can remember of the games in between the photos and that should give a decent picture of how I performed. And more importantly the mistakes I made. I'm still learning with this list and I'll highlight a few but I'm sure there'll be plenty more that I miss. So to the pics. After the first batrep. I forgot to take pictures of it...I know. I'm special.

Before I get into it I have to say that we were using the ETC scoring system of W/D/L 15/10/5 with VP modifiers as the scoring system for both. I don't mind it that much in 1 day 3 game events but not in larger tourneys but that's for later. Onto the games.

Game 1 - Capture and Control/Pitched Battle
Eoin's Necrons.

He took Deceiver, 3 units of Warriors, Lord with Resorb and Veil, 3 units of 3 Destroyers and 3 units of Heavy Destroyers - 2,1 and 1.
I put everything but my Rhinos on my objective in the centre of my deployment zone and 2 of 3 Rhinos on my right behind cover. I lost this one because I did stupid things.

1. Deployment - My Rhinos should have been back with my Wolfblob advancing en masse.
2. Charging the Deceiver after he had been dropped to 1 wound by my shooting. He killed both Wolf Lords in 2 rounds of combat before being shot down but the damage was done. I figured with 4 attacks he'd hit with 2 and wound with 2 leaving my Hammer to batter him but he survived.
3. His Lord teleported and mishapped and I placed them on a height away from my army forcing dangerous terrain. I should have placed them in front of my Grey Hunters squads so I could charge them and devour them in combat.

Failing 4 dangerous terrain tests for 2 Rhinos and 2 Razors adds icing to the cake but the cherry on top has to be the game continuing for the full 7 turns allowing him to run a Warrior squad onto my objective (following their second teleport).

I did make some silly mistakes but Eoin is a very good player and capitalised on them punish me for it so I'll not take anything away from him - grouping the Destroyers into a homogenous Orange Order blob after they started dying so they couldn't be wiped out was one thing I wasn't expecting.

I lose 16-4.

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