Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-Fex Batrep 2

Well this was game two against Mike's Foreskin and his Wolves. (Peurile, I know). This was the first game with the amended list of the Trygon and extra Hive Guard model so I was wondering how I'd fare.  Mike's list has been in a state of flux with a new list being created every week but he managed to stay in one place long enough to come up with:

2 x Dreads with Twin Las and Missile (note: this is not a Cyclone Missile)
3 x 6 Wolf Guard with 2 Combi-Meltas, Power Weapon and Fist
7 Wolf Guard with 2 Combi-Meltas, 2 Power Weapons, Fist, TDA with Chainfist and Storm Shield
2 Rhinos
Predator with Sponson Lascannons
Land Raider Redeemer with Multi-Melta

I figured if I killed his mobility and then his fire support that I'd walk through this because I could tarpit his elite units with Gaunts and walk away taking shots at his armour with my big stuff. When we rolled Annihilation/Pitched Battle I figured that it wouldn't be too hard to pull off. I don't use Wolf Guard in squads, only as Pack Leaders, but I found out just how much damage they can do in combat without a character. The Man-Whores.

PROXY WARNING - I'm using my buddy's army and he forgot his bucket o' Gaunts so I had to substitute in Marines and Necromunda models (remember them?). At least you won't be too confused.

My deployment from L to R was: T-Fex, Tervigon, Hive Guard and Gaunts in front, Trygon, Hive Guard with Prime, Gaunts and Tervigon.

In the photos you can see some of the terrain made by one of the lads. Basically he took the wife's hoover, tore it apart and sprinkled sand all over it before painting it and it looks shit hot. We use some of his stuff for the top tables at Warpcon and it looks very impressive.

Anyway, the Wolf deployment from my L to R was:
Lasback with Wolf Guard, Dread, WG Rhino in front, Pred, Dread, WG Rhino in front, LRR.

In my turn 1 I popped 2 of the Rhinos and stopped the Pred from shooting so I was happy to let that pass if the Dreads moved toward me to get open shots at my Monsters. The Trygon rushed forward into midfield to tempt a unit or two into the open while the newly-made Gaunt swarm moved aggressively aswell.

In my turn 2 the Trygon had to get stuck in so that it wouldn't get shot to death while the Dreads were mauled by the Hive Guard and T-Fex combined: I destroyed one while the other had its Lascannon torn off. I also managed to tear the Multi-Melta off the Raider which was Immobilised by a T-Fex. S10 shots FTW.

The Trygon was happy to be kicking seven shades of shite out of the Wolf Guard squad but he knew something was up when he heard some doors creaking open...

Logan did his best impersonation of a Proctologist and tore the Trygon apart.

With a big enough hole in my line caused by the Trygon's departure I knew that I had to tie up or blow up Logan's unit so I tried to do both as well as damage more vehicles. I didn't kill very much of the Infantry but the surviving Dread died and the Land Raider was wrecked by a Rupture Cannon at range. In the Wolf Turn 3 Logan tore through another unit of Gaunts that were ringfencing him. I managed to run one of the units just far enough to avoid a combi-charge as the unit couldn't maintain unit coherency if it assaulted both Gaunt units.

Their decimation of the Gaunts left the unit in the open and I took advantage of this by throwing both T-Fexes and the Hive Guard withitn shooting range. I managed to put a wound on Logan and kill everybody else: Kill Point! 

Note - I completely forgot that Logan was only Leadership 7 thanks to Deathleaper and Mike passed his Ld test after he failed the first one thanks to Saga of Majesty. Bastard.

The Wolves responded by charging forward: Logan into a T-Fex while the Wolf Guard on my right tore into some Gaunts, with only 3 surviving. Logan did nothing to the T-Fex and I handbagged him. I thought I'd manage at least 1 wound but there was always next turn...

Where's Wally? The Wally with 7 fecking re-roll to hit Power Fist attacks...
My turn 5 the Prime charged into the last 3 Wolf Guard as did the Tervigon in order to finish them off but they all fluffed and the Gaunts and fucktard Prime got pucked to death. The T-Fex followed them shortly afterward when Logan remembered his High King ability and his Fist attacks would have made any porn star proud.

In my final turn the Tervigon on the left moved far away from Logan while the one on my right finished off the Wolf Guard. The Hive Guard moved away but were still able to tear the Lascannon off the Razorback and Immobilised it too but crucially for Mike it was still alive...

Logan's turn 5 saw him jog toward a Tervigon but he only managed a 2 on 3 dice and was out of assault range. We rolled and the game ended. It ended up a draw.

Playing one more turn I managed to pop the Predator while he killed nothing as Logan was too far to reach anything and he had no long-ranged guns. I was mostly curious as to whether the army could last more than 5 turns and I'm glad to say its versatile enough to go the distance.

I'll throw up a more detailed summary of the list and the T-Fexes in a while but suffice to say that T-Fexes are definitely a viable choice for the Nids.

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  1. So you played with Foreskin and came out with a severe chafing. Nice


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