Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gaelcon & Warpcon

So the rulespack is up for Gaelcon already and its here.

6 games, 2 of each mission from the rulebook with only a slight tweak so its nice and easy to follow. The only downside is that you must go to the Pale if you want to play there...

I'm definitely going to it as are a big pile of Cork heads so it should be a savage weekend and to top it all off I don't have to listen to any Jazz for the weekend. Sweet.

And before I forget I'll be playing at Warpcon too. With Floody the ETC team captain for next year he doesn't need any points so he offered to swap with me and let me play and try to grab some points. So I can now do that and get involved in some drunken debauchery after I kick TKE's ass.


  1. Really looking forward to Gaelcon, time for Mechdar to rock! I haven't been in Galway in years, I wonder if the pigeons there still have a hatred for me...

  2. Bollicks. The last thing I need at Warpcon is more fecking wolves. So is this confirmation of the scores being used from April to March for next year and not January to January ja?

  3. @Iggy: Off to Galway you go sir but you'll probably get strange looks when asking how to get to the D4 hotel...

    @PW: Yes, April to March it is.


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