Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-Fex Batrep 1

Seeing as I'm doing things arseways I might as well be done with them as my time with the Nids draws to a close and I want to go back to fiddling with the Wolves (grow up).

The first game was against Jonny's Marines painted up as Legion of the Damned while the second was against Foreskin's Logan Wolves. Jonny had been playing with his Marines for ages and wanted to try something different so he ran with a Marine-heavy army with Pods and Rhinos while Mike is still chopping and changing his Logan list.

It was after the first of these games that I realised that the trio of T-Fexes had to go...

You may be wondering about the strange man in nappies in the pic. Jonny uses nappies to transport his Drop Pods and Land Raider and with the internet being the internet this was one of the first pics I happened upon when I typed in Pampers...

Onto Jonny's army and his nappies: The terrain looked like this from the side and this is the wide view.

My deployment from L to R was: T-Fex, Hive Guard with Prime, Gaunts in front, Tervigon, Tervigon, T-Fex, Hive Guard, T-Fex and Gaunts hiding them all.

Jonny's list was very wierd and he wanted to try an infantry-heavy build because he was on his period. I didn't get a decent reason for why so it'll put his short-term hysteria down to a monthly visit, like all women.

10 Sternguard with 3 Combi-Meltas, Flamer, Sarge with Fist
4 x 10 Tac Squads with Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Sarge with Fist, 1 with Combi-Melta
2 x Pods
2 x Rhinos
Tac Squad with Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Melta
Dakka Pred

No, I don't quite get it either. His deployment from my L to R was: Predator, Tac Squad in Rhino, Tac Squad in Ruins, Tac Squad in Rhino.

I went first and pushed forward taking pot-shots at the Rhinos and Pred - I managed to silence them.

In his first turn he dropped in a Tac squad and the Big Fella himself...

Lysander: He's more afraid of us than we are of him men. T-Fex: You can be fucking sure of it.
Well the only way to get rid of the Lysander problem was to gun down his buddies and tarpit him with Gaunts as he would simply walk through any of my units in 2 turns so that was what I did. And lo and behold...

Rule Question - Deathleaper dicks an IC's Ld by D3 and I picked Lysander. He dropped by 3 so he went down to Ld 7. Now, Stubborn ignores negative modifiers for Morale tests, but does this apply to Deathleaper as he simply drops your stat before the game and thus you suffer no negative modifier to Morale tests? We played it he did.

His unit was subjected to silly firepower and they fled after rolling a 10 for their Leadership test. The Tac squad next door was pounded but they passed their Ld and were subsequently assaulted by Gaunts who were shredded. I was lucky to have another unit of Gaunts within 6" so when his Turn 2 rolled round Lysander kept running.

Another purdy Tac squad arrived on my extreme left but all they could do was gun down some Gaunts and not enough to stop Lysander from fleeing again in his following turn. If you look at the photo you'll see a big gap near a tree - Deathleaper was standing there but he was gunned down. It was worth it though as it meant that Lysander and co. weren't allowed to rally.

To sum the game up quickly Jonny's lack of mobility killed him. The Marines were tarpitted by Gaunts and not able to take advantage of their greater shooting ability but not before they pulled down a T-Fex. Thankfully it was able to bag the Pred on its travels. I flooded my right-hand side and mobbed his objective by chewing through Marines with poisoned attacks thanks to using one of the Tervigons aggressively. They basically got swarmed.

Sheepdogs ain't got shit on my herding skills...
It was after this game that I realised that I needed some combat punch to the army because if Lysander did manage to get stuck in there was very little I could do apart from throw Gaunts at him in the mere hope of tying him up. I need something to counter-attack or to throw forward and attract attention away from my firebase. With the 3rd Fex being surplus to requirements I needed something that would compensate for the loss of firepower at least in part.

I managed to get the following list together:
2 x 3 Hive Guard
2 x 10 Gaunts
2 x Tervigons
2 x T-Fexes
Trygon with Adrenal Glands

The Trygon gives me another big beastie to distract from the T-Fexes while the extra Hive Guard gives me more S8 spam to blow vehicles away at mid-ranges. I've lost 2 long-ranged anti-tank shots but gained a *lot* of combat ability while the Hive Guard aren't just able to put out more firepower, they're also harder to kill as they now both have 6 wounds and the Prime can jog from unit to unit to keep them alive for longer by taking hits.

It was this list that I took into my next game with Mike.


  1. I agree too much T-fex, they run very solid support, BUT you needed some punch. Wise move with the list change although I like a HT with TG as my solid punch since it can preferred enemy nearby friendlies and paroxysyms too. (not to mention get 4+ cover saves from lascannons if standing behind a mere gaunt line ;)

  2. ah read this one after the guard batrep. So you drop the third doggyfex. You gonna cry baldy?
    What can I say, I see the words guard and batrep and then I remember they were beaten and I couldn't help myself. I get all jittery on the inside.

  3. @Borkai: I considered a Tyrant with 2 bodyguards and a Heavy Venom Cannon for both combat and extra long-ranged fire but I think I get more flexibility with the Prime and Trygon.

    The Prime keeps the Hive Guard alive while the Trygon forces people to react and diverts attention away from the firebase that is rolling toward the enemy.

    There's also the problem of the Tyrant's speed or the lack of it: if I buy a HVC I'll want to fire it to silence enemy vehicles so I can't run slowing down the unit. It also can't protect 2 of my big guys - the Prime chases after squads while the Trygon goes after Characters and Dreads. I have to pick one with the Tyrant.

    'I get all jittery on the inside.'
    You should have a doctor take a look at that.


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