Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nid Pics: Tervigon

I took these a while ago and meant to add them up sooner but I forgot about them. This bad boy is a Tervigon made from the Carnifex sprue with the sacks on its back made from rolled-up balls of green stuff.

There's two of these in the army, as well as two Tyrannofexes. Its nice to see people not listening to forum groupthink.

When I get a chance to take pics of the entire army I will. Oh, and 1:11pm on 1/1/11. Kewl.

I might even get John to do a tutorial on how he made them, if he can remember how he did it.

Here's a side shot of one with its babies nearby.

You should be able to make out the lumps on its back which are the balls of green stuff rolled on and pressed into its back.

To the right is another shot of the big bug from the front.

They're a bit big when it comes to LOS and getting cover but they are very impressive on the tabletop nonetheless.

I'm expecting these beasts to appear at Warpcon too so they should give some people fits when they get plonked down.

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