Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Grey Knights

Bring out the gimp. Here's a side shot.
So I figure that its time I jump on the GK bandwagon with some army lists I've been messing about with. LOL @ Cian: we know you were the one that suffered on with the sub-par army for the past couple of years waiting for the update and now they're good everyone is interested in them so you're no longer the only gay in the village. Its ok, Eoin will probably feel the same when the Necrons get an update.

To make it worse, I'm doing counts-as, using my long-neglected Chaos Marines (Emperor's Children) to represent them. Thankfully I've still got a couple of Blastmasters and Sonic Blasters to use as Psycannons and my Lord is on a Terminator-sized base so is perfect as a stand-in Libby or Grand Master. I'm also thinking of using some Necromunda gangers as my Inquisitor and retinue. All of which will be painted in black and pink.

Someone was asking me about the fluff I'd use to justify it. Easy - they're Chaos Marines that are on a Daemon world and spend all their time fighting Daemons with their Warp-gifted powers that have very similar effects to the Grey Knight powers. Done. You don't like it? Skip to the bottom.

I recently played a game with a test list and I was impressed with its firepower. It managed to tear through a double-Raven list in 3 turns even though I didn't fight a single round of combat.

Here's Screamy. He's going to be a Psyfleman soon.
So far I've got:

Libby with Sanctuary, Quicksilver, Might of Titan
Inquisitor with Terminator Armour, Psycannon
4 Henchmen: 2 MultiMelta Servitors and 2 Henchmen

5 Terminators with Psycannon, 4 Halberds and 1 Daemonhammer
5 Grey Knights with Psycannon
Razorback with Psy-Heavy Bolter
5 Grey Knights with Psycannon
Razorback with Psy-Heavy Bolter
5 Grey Knights with Psycannon
Razorback with Psy-Heavy Bolter
5 Grey Knights with Psycannon
Razorback with Psy-Heavy Bolter

Stormraven with MultiMelta, Assault Cannon

Dread with 2 Twin-Autocannon, Psybolts
Dread with 2 Twin-Autocannon, Psybolts
Dread with 2 Twin-Autocannon, Psybolts

Thankfully I've already got 20 Marines painted and ready so I need to add a few tanks, a Raven, some Termies and Dreads.

Genticles anyone?

I'll probably stay with Chaos models as much as possible apart from the obvious Storm Raven and the god-awful Chaos Dreads. Psyfleman Dreads will be relatively easy to do - I can just slap lightning bolts or tentacles all over them. Actually...

The army is relatively tough to pin down as everything can move and fire at a decent rate and it has enough S7 Rending shots to get rid of vehicles.

I did consider adding Master-Crafted Daemonhammers to the small GK squads but I don't think its worth it because the squad is too small to benefit from it - if they're charged they've only got 4 Attacks before the Hammer swings which I've learned, from Wolf Scouts with a Power Fist Wolf Guard, isn't enough to stop the enemy decimating the unit before the I 1 weapon gets to swing.

If they get charged by something bigger/stronger than them then they can either (a) go for broke with their Force Weapons to tag MCs/ICs or (b) buy time for the rest of the army to get out of dodge and pour more firepower into the enemy the following turn.

This isn't the Partybus. That's off limits to minors. This will do instead.

Thanks to Brian McK for the idea of washing all the pink stuff with Baal Red to make it pop.

Its not worked fantastically on the Rhino but I'm not that pushed as it looks nice on the grunts and it'll look pretty when viewed from afar.

I'm more worried about how it will perform on the tabletop to be honest.

Although I have to admit that I'm looking forward to wielding my Chaos models as I haven't used them in ages, seeing as the Chaos book lacks the variety of builds that the Imperial codices offer. Plus I get to use the guy below.

You don't like me for counts-as? Then I'm gonna piss on you.

Yeah, he came about after a session with some of the lads when the Index Astartes article about the Emperor's Children first came out. We were wondering what I could do for Icons to summon Slaanesh Daemons and one of the lads suggested a guy climaxing. I asked if Marines would even have the necessary appendages after all the surgery and shit and I was answered with:

"Sure that's why they join the Emperor's Children in the first place. They get their knobs back when they sign up to Slaanesh and then get to use them to open warp gates and summon Daemons. Constantly."

Insightful, no?


  1. Ah Merv you're such a whore, I was wondering when you'd get around to posting the same razor spam/psyfleman list everyone's posting these days. I'm bored of it already and I've never even played it. I'm sure it's good though, although I don't see the point of the termies and raven in the list, I think they'll get a little isolated.

    As regards my army list, well once I finish this fucking project and get the Codex I'll get one posted. Can't see myself making too much of a change to my list at the moment though, not after spending 100e on Raiders anyway.

    Good to see the serial rapists are on the loose again though, buckle up your chastity belt everyone.


  2. Just remember that the game against me was very lucky on your part and pretty shitty on mine. And the fact you stole the initiative. Prick.

  3. Dave, stop blaming the dice. You suck, get over it. As for how I'll feel about Necrons, THEY ARE MINE! No one else gets to play them, even if a new codex comes out.

  4. Aw man, it looks like I won't have the only chaos grey knights on the block after all. I'll certainly be stealing your idea to use the sonic weapons as psycannon, thanks for that. Psyflemen just require my IG hydras to give their turrets back, and I'll be using WFB Chaos Knight lances as my force halberds.

    It's not that I'm overly fussed with using GKs, I just want to make GK purists go all sad face when they see my chaos version.

  5. Ah Jonny, you get lost south of the border and end up here ya? :P

    Welcome aboard. I like the idea of the Knight's weaponry as Halberd - it might just get stolen for my own Terminators.

    @Cian: I haven't played many games with it but it the Raven either deploys and moves aggressively if I go first and reserves if I'm 2nd. With its boost it can get to the middle of the table and take out a tank when it boosts or stay at the back and allow the Termies to counter-charge and mangle stuff. I'm still testing it as I go so we'll see how it develops.

    The only thing that won't change are the Psyflemen - they're such a bargain it isn't funny.

  6. "It's not that I'm overly fussed with using GKs, I just want to make GK purists go all sad face when they see my chaos version."

    - Just wait until I do Ork Grey Knights... :P


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