Friday, July 15, 2011

Limerick: Brocon, Barbeques & Buggery.

Burkhardt's been at his Sang Guard. But not Sean McDonnell style.
Brocon is being run again this year in UL in Castletroy, across the road from classy Plassey, and I'm heading up along for a few hours before I wander off to a barbeque across the Shannon in lovely Lahinch on Saturday evening. Assuming that the predicted rain isn't torrential.

Although I really should take it for practice I'm not bringing the ETC list as I don't have the models for it and I'm not sure that a regular tournament will give a fair reflection of how it can perform in-game compared to an ETC game. It might sound odd as it is the same game/rules set after all but the armies I would face would on the whole bear little resemblance to those that will appear in Switzerland.

Plus I don't have to cart an army case around and get to spend more time chatting to some friends that I haven't seen in ages.

You may be wondering who Sean McDonnell is. He's the buggery bit in the title: he's been charged under Section 61 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 for encouraging bestiality. It's ok - its just a news article. I do still like to keep an eye on legal developments, sure.

Back to 40k-style penetration: there are now 4 and a bit weeks to Montreux and plenty more time to get practice in. There's obviously some armies that I'm trying to avoid and others that I'll spend more time against in the hope that I'll be comfortable against it no matter who's running it. In a regular tournament I would expect to face balanced lists and my army isn't geared toward fighting that and the bidding system has a lot to answer for in that regard. I can put up an explanation of how the bidding system works if people want.

A few of the local Guard players are scratching their heads at some of the choices made by other country's Guard armies and wouldn't rate them as highly as they would one of their own Leafblower variants but I figure that by being able to avoid certain builds some underutilised units suddenly have more appeal within this system.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. But I don't think we'll apply that to Sean McDonnell and his dog.

P.S. Donal gets a pint for the Simpsons reference.




    Said the dog.

  3. My American legal dictionary still has a entry for buggery. lulz

  4. But you CANNOT guarantee avoiding certain can only avoid them every other round, when your Captain picks the pairings.


  5. I sort of agree with you TKE, you can't guarentee you'll avoid a bad match up, but you can reduce the chances of a bad match up considerably. ie if the other team has one or two you don't want they can be matched up against one of your team mates.

    A balanced team doesn't necessarily mean 8 balanced armies, there's a art/science to the matchups but yeah, with almost randomised matchups and taking an unbalanced army, sometimes you'll be the windshield, sometimes you'll be the bug.

  6. I had something detailed to say to you TKE but I think that ItsPug hit the nail on the head.

    It would appear that the more balanced ones are put up first to draw out anything that might otherwise walk over one of the other lists. Does the usefulness of balanced lists diminish the more of them you take in the ETC system?


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