Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Year On

Even I'm unimpressed with my once-a-month posting in the recent past. Thankfully I've been busy gaming instead of talking/theorising about games. In another day or two I should be comfortable with the Finnish lists that I'd expect to face at the ETC (now 2 and 1/2 weeks away) before I move onto the other team's lists.

To let my brain relax from the demanding 40k, I've really got stuck into Malifaux, running with Zoraida as my Master. She's hard to get the hang of but I've tried out Ol' Saddlebags with a variety of crews before I got my hands on Collodi and co. (on the right) and added them into the mix. I didn't rate him when I first ran him but having seen how much damage his Marionettes can do when using Puppet Show and Breathe Life and having Paired Talons with a Slow Trigger on Crows, I've since revised my opinion. Throw enough mud at a wall and some of it is bound to stick. It worked on David Norris.

So what's changed in the past year? Not much. I'm still playing Wolves on the tourney scene. I've yet to finish a post about Long Fangs that I've had planned since June so I'll get back to that soon.  After the ETC, if I can be bothered to go, I'll spend more time trying to crack Malifaux (I've seen the playtest rules for Zoraida as the Avatar of Fate and I'm impressed: you'll actually want to use Crystal Ball as her (0) action now) and I'm also looking forward to a Collodi/new Spawny-unit tag-team. I'll also try to throw up a demo of how a turn works in Malifaux but I'll need to get water effects basing stuff from Merl in order to make my swampy bases to make my crew more photogenic.

That'll be before I jump into Dark Eldar. I've always liked the background but not the models. Until the re-release last year. Having recently got my hands on Urinal Rakarth I'm trying to figure out ways to make Grotesques work at 1750 without running Venomspam. But that's in the near-distant future.

For now I'll get the Long Fang article up, then I've to contact Mr. Higgs at the 11th Company (a really good podcast so go listen to it). Actually that reminds me - the Dan Ackroyd look-alike Nigel that runs w-ired with his assistant Penfold (Hello Jarvis) and some other lads run the Wargaming Ireland podcast which gives a semi-regular run-down on the Irish gaming scene. Go listen to that too. Just ignore Quigley's blatant plugs. Or take him up on his offer of a weekend in Wexford. Either of those should keep him quiet.

Aside from that, I'd just like to thank all of ye for reading and subscribing - I noticed the way I'd published sweet FA for the month of July but ended up getting 2 more followers. Thanks for signing up everyone: I hope you enjoy what you read.


  1. To respond to your comment on my blog, I am definitely not a year wiser, but the fault there lies more with my career choice and less with playing with little plastic toys.

    ...and welcome to the one-year club, keep up the good work.

  2. More like thank all of me I think is what you mean. I must say i'm really looking forward to going hammer and tongs into this Moolifaux game and getting the most out of thirty euro.

    All that said keep up the good work, happy annimoosery.


  3. If I can get more people to follow you, will you just stop altogether?

  4. F***ing Collodi mother f***ing b**ch a** c**t. That pretty sums up how I feel about him.

  5. I'm with Mergot on the little wooden Knob. He should stick to pulling his own string


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