Saturday, August 27, 2011

ETC Painting

I was lucky enough to be able to sneak off between rounds to take snaps of other player's armies and to have a gawk at the painting competition that was taking place upstairs.

It wasn't just GW but there was plenty of other categories (WW2, vehicles etc.) but the main things that grabbed my attention were the GW, Fantasy and sci-fi.

I found some funky stuff like the Laughing God on the right, although I reckon the guy with the freehand faces on his cloak was the best entry at the show. It was between the Dreadknight and the Laughing God for the front page here but I just like the colours on this guy and he also reminds me of Collodi from Malifaux.

Scroll down to see the rest

This will just be a picture post with pics and links to the album with all the photos. I'll have something more substantive soon. I'm editing the Finland (Havuja Perkele!) match as we speak. I'd like to do a Sisters post but there isn't a lot that the War Altar hasn't already covered. Oh, actually: Saint Celestine is an anti-infantry and MC beast and Seraphim are actually good with their Act of Faith re-roll and the Act itself. Celestine & Jacobus are mandatory as are 3 Exorcists (the Bolter Bitch equivalent of Grey Knight Dakka Dreads) while Dominions with Double-Melta are arguably better than Seraphim. Sadly the humble Heavy Flamer has been grossly overpriced for some reason.

Onto the pics.

Now that's a Dreadknight.

Yes, that's 6 freehand faces painted on that cloak.

This Trippy Rabbit reminded me of Malifaux for some reason.

One of the other team's Dark Eldar.

There's a few more pics over on my ETC photobucket album.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, really awesome stuff!

  2. That Dreadknight was on the GW What's New article before.


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