Friday, October 28, 2011

Chaos Legions after Necrons?

This popped up over on Naftka's blog and I was immediately interested as I have a sizeable Emperor's Children collection and would love to press them back into service without restoring to pink Oblits and Plague Marines. Because most of the other choices are sub-par.

As he's already stated the accepted rumour mill has it as Tau, Chaos Legions (with Renegades getting the White Dwarf treatment), 6th edition in book form in June/July and the box set(s) in August with Eldar to follow, so this is something to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Still, I can finally begin to dream of wielding my collection of pink and black Traitors made of rape and win again.

 Copypasta'd from Faeit 212:

The next Warhammer 40k codex to come out seems like a toss up between a couple armies now. The current thinking amongst many sites online is that Tau are next. Earlier rumors were conflicting with this, putting the Chaos Legions codex in March, or even sliding the Black Templar into the mix.

Just to set this next rumor up, the current rumor mill places next years releases like this....
Tau Q1, probably after Vampire Counts in January
Chaos Legions Mid Year
Eldar Towards the end of the year.

I sometimes get rumors sent to me, and this is one of them. I removed the sources name, and how and who the information was recieved from. Even the rumor declares taking it with a lot of salt, so please do so.

I had a chance to get information straight from a codex designer.
Chaos legions will be out in January or February dependant on necron sales, however it will probably be January. I don't know whether he was messing with me or not, so read and apply a lot of salt.  He was straight with me about necrons being released in  November. Chaos Legions are being taken back to their roots from the Horus  Heresy, and it was a bit late due to the re-design of the fluff to fit in with 6ed.

 There's been a few different formats for the Legions suggested with a Vanilla Marine-style codex seeming popular i.e. a single list is given while a single character (special or not) changes the FOC or some army-wide special rules within a single page. Others speculate that there'll be seperate entries and restrictions for each army in their own small sections within a single tome. Either way, I'm hoping that the Pinkies come good again: 40 point Blastmasters is not on. The main thing to come from this though will have to be variability ala the more modern codices with a variety of builds allowable within whatever is published.

In other news, one of our largest events (Gaelcon) is being held in the RDS and not its regular home of the D4 hotel as its been flooded because of torrential rain. I then have to spend the week learning the rules for Fantasy. I might even get a game in with my old High Elves. Then it's back to painting Pink.

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  1. Rules for Fantasy these days, move, throw magic, have rules argument. You should be fine for Moocon.


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