Monday, October 31, 2011


Just back from Gaelcon even though it's still technically ongoing but that's just the Whoremachine tournament and hangers-on relaxing on the bank holiday Monday. I did alright for myself coming 12th out of 55, losing my last game due to not taking advantage of an opportunity when it was presented. Ah well, live and learn.

I was more gutted about not making the Cork City v Shels game on Saturday because of a very late start on the Saturday morning and Alan not being able to find the hotel around the corner, despite driving down the wrong side of the road. At least we managed to get in a few pints on Saturday with the lads in Oil Can Harry's. And I found this class video of the final seconds of the match: Blow your fucking whistle!

Congrats to Jannick, who walked away with the tournament with a Draigowing list. And for what it's worth, 4 armies out of the top 5 were Grey Knights. Ya. All I can say is thanks to my opponents and the lads who organised and ran it. Except Donnacha. That guy's a dick.

More to follow.

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