Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stormy's A.S.S.: Tank Shocking

So I'm just back from Gaelcon, which I'm tempted to rename GreyKnightCon seeing as about half the armies there were Grey Knights, and something came up in my game with Floody that went against him. The thing is the same thing went against Caolán a few weeks at Towncon (I'll have a report up soon) so rather than sit on it I figured I'd throw something up here to see what people beyond our shores think.

To put this into context, in my game a Grey Knight Razorback declared it was moving. Floody measured 12" and then declared that he was going to Tank Shock my squad of Grey Hunters. I understand that something similar happened to Caolán where he measured how far he was going to move, then declared his intent to Tank Shock/Ram with a BA Predator. Both were ruled against. So was the judge's call right or wrong?

The BRB on pg. 68 says:

When moving a tank, the player can declare that the vehicle is going to attempt to make a tank shock attack instead of moving normally. This is an exception to the rule that enemy models cannot be move through...

To make this kind of attack, first turn the vehicle on the spot in the direction you intend to move it and declare how many inches you intend to move it and declare how many inches the vehicle is going to move. The vehicle must move at least combat speed. Note that because pivoting on the spot does not count as moving, this is not enough for a tank shock.

Once the vehicle has been 'aimed' and the speed declared, move the vehicle straight forward until it comes into contact with an enemy unit or it reaches the distance declared - no other changes of direction are allowed during a tank shock. If no enemy unit is reached, just move the vehicle straight ahead for the distance declared and no special attack takes place. 

Ramming is related to this and is dealt with on pg. 69:

Ramming is a special type of tank shock move and is executed the same way, except that the tank must always move at the highest speed it is capable of.

The crux of this argument turns on one of two things:

1. Whether the player must declare that the vehicle is going to tank shock and move x inches before they measure?
2. Whether they are able to say they're moving x inches in a certain direction i.e. through a unit/toward a vehicle, measure the distance declared and then say they're performing a tank shock?

Answers below please.


  1. He effective pre-measured.

    And that's a big no-no in 40k (until 6th ed comes)

  2. If he decides he wants to tank shock something and checks his maximum movement beforehand then that can result in 3 things:

    He finds himself out of range and thus does not bother declaring the tank shock in the first place (which can be important if it's a full transport)

    He can check to see whether or not he has the distance required to avoid melta/fists death or glory.

    He can effectively premeasure and declare the exact amount he needs to avoid things like dangerous terrain.

    In otherwords, hell no.

  3. I would say that you are allowed to measure how far a tank can go and how many inches you need to move to get somewhere etc; when moving normally.

    The Tank Shock is instead of moving normally.

    I would say no.

  4. The call was correct. Its pretty straight forward, declare your tank shocking, declare how far and then measure and move. Thats how I've always played it, and the way it should be played.

    The only other step between declaring tank-shocking and how far I'll be moving that I will do is to roll for a leman russ' max movement but even then I'll say "tank-shocking 9 inches or however far I can if its less" and then roll the dice and make the move.

  5. Eoin has said exactly what I was going to say. Normally you can pre-measure tank movement, but Tank Shock is INSTEAD of movement.

    So no.

  6. I would like to point out that I declared that I required a ruling before I moved any models. I asked my oponent first and then called for a judgement. At no time did I move or premeasure. Once I had been told no, we played on. I am glad you are bringing it up though. The way Eoin has described it makes sense, but there is a loophole there. I can see how far my tank can move in the movement phase, the point raised is that this is "instead" of moving normally. I still think that it is worth the debate.

  7. Ok Caolán, I didn't see your thing happen so I simply assumed it occured the same way as Floody's did in my game. As long as it was brought up it could be dealt with as you've suggested.


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