Monday, January 16, 2012

New 40k FAQ's sticking it to Njal.

Njal: it kinds sucks to be him now.
These have been floating about for a couple of hours now and I'm going to assume that you've have a quick look over some of them. They're available here.

They've stopped Scarab spawn conga lines and it would appear that Jaws no longer needs to roll to hit. FFS GW: I'm going to have to go back and edit that Jaws article. Again.

There is one thing that sticks out for me in the 40k rulebook FAQ and I'm pretty sure it dicks over Njal amongst other units specifically and takes away from his abilities being able to mess with the enemy's movement and shooting prowess. 

It's this little beauty:

Q: Can models embarked upon a vehicle use its fire
points to draw line of sight to a unit to use special
rules or wargear (other than shooting)? (p66)
A: No.

If I'm reading this correctly I can use the top hatch of a Rhino to draw LOS and shoot out Njal's Lightning bolts or Hurricane but I can't use it for his Lord of Tempests table. That does seem to oour extra poop on his abilities after the SW FAQ (linked above) said that some of his powers don't work if he's going 2nd. This might weaken the Njal/GH-based build that has been run successfully by Tony Kopach at various tourneys around the States.

I'm trying to think of other things that it affects in other armies - Weaken Resolve from Psyker Battle Squads sitting in Chimeras sticks out and I'm wondering if some of the new Necron characters will be dicked over by it too? There's definitely other things around but I'll have to come back to them.

EDIT: PSB's at first appear to be FUBAR with the above and this bit combined:

Q: Can a model use a psychic power that is not a Psychic Shooting Attack if it is embarked in a transport vehicle? (p50)
A: Yes. If the power requires line of sight, this is still worked out from the vehicle’s fire points (this will count as one model shooting through that fire point if the power is used in the Shooting phase).
If the psychic power does not require line of sight and has a range or an area of effect that is normally measured from the model using it, these are measured from the vehicle’s hull, as explained in the Embarking section on page 66.

So PSB's Weaken Resolve is covered by the use of Fire Points that can't be used because it is a special rule (psychic power) that is not some form of shooting attack? What? I love your circular logic GW. At least WR is covered under psykers.

The change to the Njal-dicking thing comes back to haunt Guard in another way though: (from YTTH) Company Command and Platoon Command squads can no longer issue orders from within their Chimeras to any grunts nearby. So, when that squad is pinned it's staying pinned unless you're willing to get your fancy unit out of their metal box that pleb unit is going nowhere fast. Now that is a kick in the teeth.

More to follow.


  1. You can order out of a chimera:
    Under the chimera's special rules; Mobile Command Vehicle: an officer embarked within a Chimara may still issue orders to squads. Measure range and LOS from any point of the Chimera's hull.

  2. Ya, and Stelek caught it before I could too. No doubt there will be more editing before I'm done reading all of the FAQ's.

  3. Hang on:

    Ok, this is a mess. Kestrel M1 is agreeing with my initial statement but I think that he's wrong as it is covered under the psychic power paragraph but the PSB's WR power is subject to the limitations of firing points on page 66 of the BRB.

    You've got to love it when GW add more confusion to FAQ's.

  4. There's a specific FAQ that is covering this. You may use a non-shooting psychic attack and draw Los from the vehicle's fire point. It's in the BRB FAQ. Furthermore, it specifically says in the BRB that fire points may be used to draw LOS for psychic attacks. However, it now means Anraker the Traveller (the knacker- I think you coined that one :-p) can't take over vehicles from a command barge as it's a special rule.

    Further (I've got a rules lawyer raving about this behind me!) a psychic power isn't a special rule.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 'You may use a non-shooting psychic attack and draw Los from the vehicle's fire point. It's in the BRB FAQ.'
    Yes - it's linked above in the edited part of the post.

    I wasn't sure about the Newcrons getting nerfed with their vehicles being open-topped but it does seem to hit them in some fashion (it's not much if it's only Anrakyr).

    And let Trget rant and rave all he wants. Not everything he's advised upon has found to have been within boundaries of established laws.


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