Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raven Guard Land Raiders

A Pre-Heresy Land Raider.
I've been chewing through various lists in the last few weeks and one that I looked at was Raven Guard. You know the one: Shrike & a big blob of Fleeting, Infiltrating Terminators with lots of fire support to buy time for them to get into position.

It just so happens that the LGS worker drone has a big Raven Guard collection and he asked me to smarten up some stuff that needed updating (streaky white mostly). I was lucky in that most of the work was done already: much like the outcome of any conversation with our local TEMPLARS player, I'd have fallen asleep if I had to paint that much black repeatedly.

As an aside, I have a quick question and have no rulebook to hand: Shrike confers Infiltrate on 'the models in his squad' but I take it that you can't have an Independent Character join the unit and benefit from it too if they don't have Infiltrate themselves, can they?

A Redeemer with fancy bits. You don't see many of these around nowadays.
I finally got round to using Asurmen Blue as a way to buff the white and make it pop a bit more, although I couldn't totally get rid of the streaky bits underneath despite using lots of thin layers of white. There's more pictures available here.

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