Friday, March 9, 2012


Or Beercon as it's known down here for the Pizza & Pitcher deal for €10 that is run on Friday nights in NUIG's student bar. For some reason it's €11 a pitcher normally but that's the Wesht of Ireland for you. It's a near 40-man tourney (with one girl IIRC), 1850 points and is one of the last ETC qualifying tournaments on the calendar.

I'm running with the Wolves again but things are slightly different to my usual lists this time and I won't have a camera so I'm hoping to get the organisers to take few and email them onto me so I can put them up for you to get your nerd porn fix.

Wish me luck.


  1. Can't make it but hoping the changed list does well. Think if Necrons put in a good showing and you get matched up versus them you can do quite well.

  2. Well day 1 began with Malifaux where I came 3rd and got some loot so hopefully that's going to continue for the weekend. :) Although the complete lack of any pizza & pitcher put a dampener on proceedings with the bar staff throwing a hissy fit.

    I'll let ye know how the list performs afterwards.


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