Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The BBC article on 40k

Henry Sellers: He made the BBC!
I read this on Face earlier today and it reminded me of the Greek article that the Antipope posted up (here) where the author blighted all 40k gamers and claimed they were anti-social wierdos. Ok, there are a lot of anti-social wierdos in the hobby but they're not the blood-drinking, petrol-bombing skinheads that worry about Muslamic Ray Guns like they were portrayed by the journalist that probably sought to blame someone for the financial crisis that wrecked her country because they weren't the type to protest and show solidarity.

Instead, you get a fairly even-hand article that highlights both the popularity and the madness of the hobby, with both fans and critics being asked their opinions such as the former staffer's complaint that you need £200/€230 to play a decent-sized game a very valid one. It was interesting to see this though:

How many other British companies, for example, could report a 40% rise in their latest half-year pre-tax profits?

 Does this mean that pop culture will soon be featuring 40k references ala WOW, or will it take a succcessful MMO or next series of Space Marine/Dawn of War games to get that final push so that the general population is aware of the existence of GW's Spehs Mahreens.

And is the butt of more jokes - like the WOW virginity ones. Obviously. Now, it's off to type up Itzacon battle reports.

Quick Update: As highlighted on B&C (post 22) the BBC have responded to comments, and possibly female criticism, and have edited the title of the article over the course of the day from:

Why do grown men still play with toys?


Why are grown men still launching tabletop war?


Why are adults still launching tabletop war?

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