Thursday, March 15, 2012

Relic 40k

A post about this FFG game has just gone up online and apparently it'll be released in the summer. It'll bascially be a 40k version of Talisman with Spehs Mahreens and other Imperial servants looking for Treasah.

It's claiming that it'll include "busts" of unpainted models which makes me wonder if it won't be complete minis (which Talisman had) but rather FW-style busts instead. At the very least they'd make nice objective markers or something that could be incorporated into some fancy terrain for normal 40k.

It might have something to do with 40k turning 25 this year and that brings me to another game that's 25: Blood Bowl which is also getting some anniversary reproduction this year. Hopefully they (Jervis) won't completely botch it, and introduce random shit happening for no reason, and it'll be a reprint of Galak Starscraper's efforts which actually balanced the game a bit, apart from Wood Elves which are broken, and made a league a viable prospect.

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  1. You know I love 40K, but Talisman is essentially Snakes and Ladders for drunk adults. I hate it. Seriously. I love FF though and I really like their "game in a box" method of doing things. I will reserve judgement on this till I see it in person. If I wanted to roll dice so that I could walk around the board for 4 hours, I would go back to Monopoly.


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