Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sisters @ Moofool Game 1

Chaosy. Needs more tentacles though.
This was against Alan's Wolves riddled with Grey Hunters and Fangs with TWC and Scouts to cause havoc amongst my proxied lines. The mission was 5 set Objectives primary with KP secondary. I reckoned if I pushed some units into midfield and drew out the GH that I'd be able to counter-charge them or blow them away with Bolters one by one and have Celestine float about getting shot, getting back up and being an annoyance. A bit like Space Wolf Scouts really. Except she can cause havoc from the get-go.

Because the photos might cause confusion I'll add a guide as to what was masquerading as what in my army later.

The Wolf army was:

TWC Lord with Bear, Rune Armour, Shield, Frost Blade, Necklace, Talisman
Rune Priest with Jaws & Living Lightning
5 Scouts with Melta and WG with Melta, Fist
3 x 8 GH with Melta, Banner & WG with Melta, Fist in Dozer Rhinos
5 Grey Hunters
3 TWC with Hammer, Shield
2 x 6 Long Fangs with 5 Rockets in Lasplas Razorbacks

My Sisters army is available here. The Sisters models were Dominions in Red Rhinos, the Night Lords are Retributors, the Marines are SoB (Troops) in Blue Rhinos and the Necromunda models are the Battle Conclave in the Black and Pink Rhino. The other Black vehicles are the Exorcists.

I won the roll to go first and deployed heavily (with only 1 Rhino squad in reserve) on my left with terrain giving me plenty of cover and the Rhinos in front of the Exorcists so that if I was seized upon the Exorcists could fire longer and demech the GH before they hit my lines at full strength. But that didn't happen.

I pushed up into the centre of the board with everything using cover for most of the vehicles so that I could keep my smoke for later on in the game. Apart from Celestine who just floated forward to get shot at. The Dominions flaked forward using Scout then moved up and hopped out so they could wail on one of the units of Long Fangs which they did reducing it down to a single guy.

The Wolves responded by rushing at the Dominions. Well, the TWC did and devoured a squad quickly while the Wolf Lord left to get stuck into Celestine and everything else pushed up on my left. One squad of GH hopped out of their ride to try to bag a Rhino and open the ladies inside up to frag missiles. Which didn't happen as I passed my cover saves from them and the Long Fangs nearby. To top things off the Wolf Lord took two wounds from Celestine and did nothing to her hitting only once and I saved the wound that would have killed her outright due to Instant Death.

The TWC after tearing apart the Dominions. Hehe. Tearing.
My response was to drive away with everything that could except for the two Rhinos next to the TWC which elected to tank-shock and chased them off the board at the 2nd attempt. Class. Grey Hunters are arguably the best Troops choice in the game at the moment but even they can't stand up to an assault from a unit of Death Cult Assassins. Alan was taught to fear them when I assaulted and reduced his 8-man unit to a fleeing Wolf Guard in one round before consolidating toward his Fangs in the left-hand corner. Celestine made 1 more save from the Lord after doing nothing herself so continued to cling to him: she must have been hanging in there for waiting a diamond ring...

More Long Fang fire rained on my vehicles but did relatively little while a unit of GH showed up behind the Fangs on my left which the Priest had joined. He spent the game flaking out Living Lightning at the Conclave rather than Jaws at Jacobus and Crusaders: I asked about this and Alan had figured it was better to get a haul of hits on the unit and force saves to bring down the Assassins, especially when LL ignores FNP from Jacobus. GH near the centre dived on a Rhino and tried to open it with Melta but fluffed their shooting so had to do it in combat. Which allowed me to move away and safely pour bolter fire into the unit in my turn. Followed by another unit with bolters and melta. With Exorcists to make sure the job was completed. To be honest though, Alan's game was summed up in my turn when Celestine dealt the final wound to the Wolf Lord and dropped him, freeing herself up to get stuck in elsewhere.

Knowing that I could deal with the GH in the centre (see above) and having a Dominion squad arrive on my left-hand edge I knew I could deal the deathblow in this turn. The GH in the middle died as did the Fangs in the forest (Conclave got 'em) while the Razorbacks were both silenced. The Sisters that were in Reserve drove straight for an objective on my right and while I was smashing just about everything on my opponent's side of the board I knew there was a unit of Scouts to come on behind me which they did in turn 4 and took out a Rhino before assaulting the squad that fell out of it and getting tarpitted by them. 3+ saves can be really handy sometimes.

They're all ladies. Apart from the actual lady at the back.

I was able to either drive away from anything dangerous or get stuck in: the Conclave doing the latter and trampling a 5-man unit of Hunters and staying in combat with the Priest. It was a mop-up operation at this stage as there was very little left in Alan's army beyond the Priest and some damaged Rhinos. Thankfully for him the game ended on turn 5 adn while he managed to kill off the Sisters, he lost his Rune Priest as he was battered to death by the Assassins. Nagged to death more like...

Sisters win it 20-0.



    turn it up a litle...

    1. Lol.

      Bender is class though.

      Ho: 'We love you Bender.'
      B: 'Shut up baby: I know it.'


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