Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sisters @ Moofool Game 2

It's heading right for us!
After the win in my first game I was pitted against Dan's Guard. This was a match that I reckoned would give me more problems as much of my firepower is short to mid-ranged and I would have to advance into the teeth of his guns to make the most of my melta bonuses. Thankfully, Celestine had the potential to work her way through the infantry squads with her Flamer and combat ability while the Rhinos could get me across the board relatively quickly.

Oh wait - Dawn of War. And the Guard are going first. And is able to deploy almost half of his army due to a recent FAQ update? Right. A change of tack was needed. In the end I deployed a Sisters squad in their Rhino on the halfway line to attract some firepower while Celestine deployed hidden ready to get the jump on some of the Heavy Weapons teams. I was hoping she'd be standing or get back up on the final turn and contest just to piss Dan off.

Dan's list is available on his blog: Tzarkahn40k.blogspot.com and his Round 2 Battle report has photos which turned out nicer than mine which are available here. What I will do is suggest you read the report on his site and what I'll do is put up pics of my proxy Celestine rampaging through his army: Guardsmen really hate her when she gets back up from their shooting and they're hitting on 5's in combat.

This is unit number 2 to get destroyed.
Like a Pantomime villain: She's behind them.
There's other units here but it's all about Celestine.
You think you can keep me down: Oh no, not I, I will survive.

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