Monday, June 18, 2012

6th ed Teaser Trailer 2

This is the rulebook. Not the Teaser Trailer.
I've been very quiet recently as I've got plenty on my plate. I've been following the rumours about 6th ed like everybody else but I'm doing my best not to add to the confusion by linking left, right and centre to contradictory rumour-mongers.

There's also the fact I don't intend on getting both other's and my own hopes up about the changes being forecast: I'm hopefully optimistic that I'll still be playing it in 12 months time despite all of the lelrandom that is supposed to be introduced.

Here's another cryptic teaser trailer from GW via Heresy-Online. It looks like a Navigator in the video. Probably some guy cranky that he can no longer rely on getting the good powers from his codex but is now selecting them at random.

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