Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6th ed White Dwarf (PW now AP2?)

The random: it hurts my brain.
Issue three-hundred and something of GW's-monthly-catalogue-and-Jervis-rant has pics of some of the new crap being flogged to coincide with the release of 6th, but intriguingly it also has some hints at new rules including psychic powers.

Wolves are able to take Divination, Biomancy and Telekinesis, as well as the powers in the Codex. Hopefully we'll still be able to select from the book while rolling for the ones in the BRB is another option open to us.

And that pic leaked a few days ago is of the rulebook, Mr Flood. It'll retail for £45 which will be €60, or more like €50 from a shop or even €40-odd from an internet retailer.

Who actually buys full-price stuff from a GW these days? Storm Ravens for €65?


Now if only Chivite was able to translate this from Spanish for us, the lazy Portuguese bellend. Ah, it's in the link above? That's better and doesn't rely on my broken 'capable of ordering a beer and chips but not ask for directions' Spanish.

So Vortex of Death is S10 Ap 1 and I think a large blast but I can't figure out what Lore its from, nor what the bits on the left mean.

Just spotted this snippet over on Whineseer:
Codex: Blood Angels
- Librarians (including Mephiston) May choose to EXCHANGE their Codex Psychic Powers for the Psychic Powers found in the 40k Rulebook. If they choose to do so they may take 2 powers from the following disciplines: Biomancy? Divination, Telepathy or Telekinesis [B]before deployment[/B].

Codex: Chaos Space Marines
- Any model with psychic powers may use the psychic disciplines found in the 40k Rulebook instead of the C:CSM. If you choose to do so, for every psychic power that you have paid for from C:CSM you make take 1 psychic power from the following disciplines: Piromancy? Telekinesis or Telepathy before deployment. Models may choose to get their powers from different disciplines. Typhus generates 2 powers, Ahriman generates 3 powers. 
I got a bit excited about Ahriman throwing out 3 powers but having read earlier rumours about him being Mastery Level 4, this is probably taken from the FAQ/Errata for the current sucky Chaos 'dex.

And Boom goes the dynamite:

BOLS and Naftka have a whole pile of rumours that are now saying that Power Weapons are AP2. Things get curiouser and curiouser. Courtesy of the above:

via Eldargal
New source of allegedly confirmed rumours here:
[10:35:09] Ok
[10:35:13] so GW is spoilin 6E
[10:35:15] over the phone
[10:35:23] allies chart is in for sure, a matrix
[10:40:13] you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army
[10:40:26] then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army
[10:40:31] then may take other slots
[10:45:49] it's still move shoot assault
[10:46:01] "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit
[10:46:20] BS1
[10:46:58] no template or blast
[10:47:32] someone gimme a BoLS link so I can confirm/deny ****
[10:48:04] "schools of psychic powers"
[10:48:11] not sure if its random though
[10:50:44] these psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers
[10:51:11] so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex
[10:52:25] premeasure all the time
[10:52:40] random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops
[10:53:05] jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack
[10:53:35] for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe
[10:53:41] he only got to look at the book for an hour
[10:53:46] to "pick topics for customers"
[11:00:13] 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones
[11:00:23] primary and 3 secondary objectives
[11:00:28] vps for objectives
[11:00:35] source
[11:00:37] you have the book?
[11:00:45] oh, over the phone
[11:00:48] yeh
[11:01:02] "first blood" = 2nd objective
[11:01:09] worth 1 vp
[11:01:37] any questions chip?
[11:01:42] I got him for like 10 mins more maybe ;p
[11:01:50] can special characters be brought as allies
[11:02:07] he didn't see any limit on it no
[11:02:25] no more dawn of war, no more spearhead
[11:02:41] one is like triangles
[11:02:44] cleanse 2?
[11:02:47] vehicle damage chart info?
[11:03:13] as in?
[11:03:27] 1's stacking to destroyed? hull points?
[11:03:30] either/or/and
[11:04:20] short edge to short edge deployment type
[11:04:21] lol
[11:04:52] no ****ing way
[11:05:13] Can you get info about different CCW AP values
[11:05:20] he didn't look at that
[11:05:26] I did ask, there is somethin about CCWs
[11:05:37] power weapon is AP2
[11:06:35] You sure about that? Pretty confident people said AP3
[11:07:45] there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed
[11:08:03] 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam
[11:08:25] he didnt seen an immobile on the chart
[11:08:42] he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"
[11:09:20] oh crazy
[11:10:05] terrain is a part of the FoC
[11:10:13] aegis defense line 50pts
[11:10:27] cover is 5+
[11:11:18] wow
[11:11:21] thats way cheaper than i thought
[11:11:39] any example psychic powers?
11:12:31] nope
[11:12:42] "fortifcation FOC slot"
[11:13:09] 1 per game
[11:14:38] so no tables full of terrain
[11:15:57] err sorry 1 per player per game
[11:16:25] rapid fire is half range not 12"
[11:17:47] oh interesting
[11:17:51] rapid fire isnt limited by movement
[11:17:52] but aren't rapid fire guns 24"
[11:17:55] so half range is 12"
[11:18:09] snapshot is also for HWs that have moved
[11:18:52] wait, so you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot?
[11:19:06] yes
[11:19:10] BS1
[11:19:22] heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1
[11:20:54] thats insane 


  1. The card say telekinesis. So wolves can get it now too.

    1. Cool. I'm not sure it'll be as good as Jaws but with Jump Packers getting a boost I might be looking at Tempest Wrath and Murderous Hurricane more often.

      Have a look at The Back 40k for thoughts on how Sang Guard get better.

  2. I saw that earlier and I was going to write my own article on it but I think I'll just put down my thoughts here:

    People are going to start bringing plasma guns. You no longer need melta as much and elite troops will be the new black.

    1. I reckon 6th might become 'Catholic 40k' because there will be Priests laying waste to little people's lives all over the world.

      Wolf Priest/Chaplain/Reclusiarch with 10 bods with 2 Plasma and Vet Sarge with CombiPlasma to be the new objective holders?

      Melta to fall by 1/3 or to 1/3 of current levels (4-6) per army instead of all Special Weapon slots in 5th?

      Wolf Priest or Logan with a squad of Lascannon/Plasma Cannon Long Fangs will be hilarious. Although I reckon because you can re-roll finger burns with Preferred Enemy (if rumours are true), Plasma guns will be better overall.

  3. So...CSM get to pay for the cheap(er) powers, then swap them for actually good, situational (tailoring?!) things.

    Seems balanced...:/

    1. The bit about paying for powers threw me initially, I must admit, so maybe this is the new C:CSM and Ahriman isn't Mastery 4 but 3?

      Yes, tailoring is bad normally but maybe tourneys will simply state that the same lore/discipline must be used in all games. Or not. We've 10 days before we find out.

      Is it not balanced if all psyker races get to do it though?

    2. Perhaps he's Mastery 4 so he can use his Force Weapon too?


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