Sunday, August 12, 2012

6th ed Starter Box and Chaos Marines release dates

Oh My God: Someone finally made Lucius look good.
Naftka over on his blog has just revealed the dates for when the 6th ed box set (the one with Dark Angels and Chaos Marines in it) and just as important, the release of Codex: Chaos Marines. Oh, I've been waiting a long time to be able to wield Noise Marines that opponents were actually afraid of.
It's the last Saturday of August along with the White Dwarf previewing CSM. (the 25th).
This refers to the box set that was hinted at here. There really will be Plasma for all of the Dark Angels apparently.

As for Chaos:
The 25th is the white dwarf which is all about the new starter and chaos space marines.

Pre-Orders for the new starter set begin on the 25th, for release on the 1st.

Pre-Order for Chaos Space Marines go up on the 8th and the entirety of their range will be released in two waves on the 15th and the 29th


  1. Lucius comment made me laugh. All joking aside though, that model is shiiiit, and this is the first time ive seen it look god. Are you gonna do lucius and typhus lists soon. They are getting new model love soon.

    1. Lucius is done as you can see already and I'm working away on Typhus as we speak.

  2. *good* not god. that would be fulgrim.


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