Friday, August 17, 2012

Hellbrute: Colour pics of the €85 6th ed Starter Set

The Hellbrute. Damn...
So the pics have been doing the rounds for a couple of hours now and many of you will have seen the pics of the painted Chaos Lord, BA characters and Cultists but the shots of the Chaplain have been few and far between. Oh wait, he's below the jump...

Purdy, aren't they? I'm looking forward to daubing these guys in Black and Pink and crossing my fingers that Noise Marines are really good now so that I can fire rainbow-coloured waves of destruction that would make Bronies spooge themselves. I'll have to wait for the Chaos 'dex before I can finally find that out though. 

As for this model - there's some scenery on the base and apparently all of the character models in the box have scenic bases already.

I also forgot that the ETC is starting a day early (today, Friday) this year so I'll belatedly say good luck to the lads and hopefully they'll do well for themselves. The latest (available here) is that they're on table 5 after 2 rounds and will be facing Italy after a loss to Latvia and a win against Belgium so here's hoping they keep the momentum going and get a few more wins.

Limited Edition DA Chappy apparently.
Two boxes and you've got a full DA army. Nice.

I'm glad to see that the models in the starter set are top-notch. Doubly-so as they'll be easy to put together as their AoBR counterparts were. It looks like 40 Marines and a few Rhinos, plus this box and a Flyer or 2 will net me a decent army. Sweet.

What do people think of the models?


  1. For starter box models, they seem rather nice. The Assault on Black Reach stuff was fine, but a little bland. These have more character.

  2. Definitely: those Chaos Marines are gorgeous and thankfully I'll get to use them as unit Sergeants or whatnot.

    I'm really impressed with the Hellbrute though - its a big step up from the Marine Dread in AoBR and that was impressive already.


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