Sunday, July 21, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy and Specialist Games stuff up for sale

Who else popped their gaming
cherry with a Specialist Game?
It's only been 6 months since I've last posted here. While I could clean the cobwebs and watch tumbleweed roll past I'm just going to dive straight into it. I've got plenty of Specialist Games stuff lying around my gaff that isn't going to be used in the foreseeable future and I'm looking to pass them onto someone that'll enjoy using them as they'll only spend their time in a box in a wardrobe otherwise.

I've already shifted on some Blood Bowl stuff and now its Necromunda's turn with these Van Saars. There'll be more to follow in the coming days with more Necromunda, Warhammer Fantasy High Elves (lots of them) and Warhammer Quest characters too.

I've been busy studying is the main reason that I haven't posted stuff here in over half a year (where does the time go) and simply don't have time to play most of the games that I did until recently. That, and apathy: I'm not the biggest fan of 40k at the moment (despite the release of some real purdy models like the Wraightknight) and Fantasy is as dead as a dodo round these here parts.

I wouldn't touch it with yours.
I still can't bring myself to start Warmachine - Pinball Wizard summed it up for me when he saw the new Cyriss faction and asked himself how a company that could make things as gorgeous as the Everblight Dragon or the Clockwork Angel Warcaster could churn out something as hideous as the jacks for the Convergence. He dumped all of his stuff as a result. I can't really blame him, tbh, as they're really, really bad and don't bode well for the aesthetic direction that Warmachine will take i.e. persisting with their cartoony sub-GW sculpts that will keep people putting money into GW's pockets because their toys are prettier. Which is a pity as I want to like them enough to play it semi-regularly.

Don't mention the Cyriss round Donal or he'll start ranting.
Like Kingdom Death. I'll still have my toy soldier fix but on a smaller scale (less but bigger guys) , and I'm hanging onto a few BB teams stuffed into an old BB box so that'll keep me sane which trying to churn through Contract law: I've given myself a week to finish that and 2 months to do Property, Equity and Tort before exams in October. No pressure, like.

I should mention the ETC that's kicking off in a few weeks and I hope that the Irish lads will do well for themselves. They're playing Latvia in their first game which I think they lost last year in that fixture so they'll be gunning for revenge. This is also the first year that 6th ed will be used so it will be interesting to see what lists emerge to take account of the changes in the game, although I have to say I'm left wondering why 6th ed Eldar weren't allowed. I know it was an issue of timing but it seemed it was released far enough from the deadline to be included. But that's just me - I'm sure the captains had their own reasoning for voting the way they did but it seems unreasonable.

Oh well, if you want to drop me a line to ask specifics about what I have and if I can to do something for you. The email addy is on the right of the page. I'll see you all in 6 months time.


  1. Wait.
    Someone else doesn't like the Convergence?
    I am... not alone?

  2. Don't lock yourself away to much mate it's not good for you.


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