Monday, July 28, 2014

Good news everyone

Don't call this a comeback. It's more of a rebrand...
I've invented a device that will cause you to
 read this sentence with my voice.

Yes, this place has been awful quiet over the last year. For over a year actually. I managed to get some more important stuff out of the way (the Bar) and so the hobby side of things took a back seat. It turns out the timing was was impeccable: GW released 6th edition 40k and it was appalling. Thankfully I managed to miss out on it almost completely. I did a few tournaments up to November 2012 and didn't bother with it afterwards because it just wasn't up to scratch and wandered off to Warmachine like so many others.

I know that it is a subjective matter (one of my gaming group reckons it was the best edition of 40k they've had) but I reckon there's enough data to back up my theory that it was a terrible edition. Arguably the worst produced. So bad it had to be rewritten less than halfway through its life cycle and the company's stock has bombed as a result of people abandoning ship and spending money elsewhere. Like on Kickstarters that may never arrive...please Kingdom Death, just announce a shipping date. Please. 

But good news is on the horizon: 7th has been released and isn't a complete turkey (from my limited experience), the Space Wolves are on the way and arguably the biggest news for GW in a long time: Tom Kirby will be stepping down. Apparently.

As you can see I've changed the name of the blog too. Yes it's catchy and easy to remember but I've got plans for it to fill with content more suitable to the title. I am not being particularly fancy with the new name. Consider it a WIP that might never be finished. I am also aware that the old links will disappear, but I'm fine with that.

As I am with 7th ed and the change of tack in White Dwarf. So far. The reintroduction of rules is very welcome and might save it. Might. It might be better for them to throw more rules in there, then when the WD goes out of circulation, put it up as a dataslate (and not for €8 a pop either). But this thought might just be getting lost in the ether. What isn't being lost is the fact that Tom Kirby appears to have admitted defeat, before the release of some terrible financials. Zaphod over on Masterminis has been doing Trojan work highlighting some of the problems that GW have faced using what information he can such as highlighting how they have failed to adapt to the internets among others. He's pumped out some very interesting stuff so far, and you should set aside a few hours to read his articles on the future of GW. He predicted they'd get hammered in their latest results and he was right. I'm following him, you should too.

I won't say any more on 7th ed until I've played a few games. Stormclaw has piqued my interest seeing as it's got Wolves & the rulebook I'm going to get it. Ltd ed models are the way to go.

Space Wolves do look interesting. I'm expecting Rune Priests and Grey Hunters to get nerfed. I'm not sure what will get better. Blood Claws? It wouldn't be hard. I have yet to see what way the game has gone to judge what I'd like to see get done up but I'll wait til I have my electronic copy on me to make up my mind on the subject. Oh, just look at all those variables and uncertainties the future holds. I'll give the Wolves a go as I don't need to spend much to get a solid army going and to get into 40k and if it isn't what I hope it is, then I'll flog the lot. Simples.

I know it isn't designed as a tournament game but at least GW have admitted that driving away tournament players was a bad move. Implicitly at least by having Unbound and Bound army lists. Or friendly and tournament ones to read between the lines. I'm more hopeful it will lead to a change in their design philosophy at Games Dev, especially if a new CEO comes in and insists on such changes. I would be more than happy to see a few leave/heads roll to make room for a more Warmachine-esque system that encourages and rewards both fluffy and competitive gaming together, but pulls no punches for the latter. We'll see. They'll have to survive the Chapterhouse case (that won't be pretty for GW), and whoever gets the top job will have to have the cojones to put Tom Kirby in his place (I don't see him sitting idly by while on the Board) but whoever gets it, good luck to them in their new venture.

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  1. Thoughts so far? Think I'll be jumping back in next year myself.


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